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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Data warehousing is the concept of a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make informed strategic decisions to help businesses. SAP Datasphere goes beyond traditional data warehousing to provide a multi-cloud, multisource business service for enterprise analytics and planning. In addition, SAP Datasphere solution provides data modeling, connectivity, virtualization, and access across the enterprise. Leveraging on its potential business users can explore data, integrate new information, and share insights.

Insights into business and markets are extremely crucial only if they are data-driven. They elevate organizations to be in a position of preparedness and resilience to change. This advantage helps immensely in entering new markets, introducing new approaches to business models, and sustaining competitive advantage. Business data stored in a core business application is the key to making sound business decisions by correlating with different business objects. SAP Datasphere addresses these needs by providing you the advantage to:

Leverage SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to sail through data management issues

SAP Datasphere provides an open architecture that seamlessly integrates, combines, and transforms data from multiple sources into a consolidated and unified form. SAP Datasphere data integration capabilities includes:

  1. Pre-built adapters to integrate any type of data and from any source
  2. Realtime virtual data access enabling remote access when needed
  3. Combine structured and semi-structured data with in-built processes
  4. Support for external data movement tools to converge data into SAP DWC using SQL interfaces
  5. Leverage the existing skills of the team for data integration by providing support for a wide range of tools and applications
  6. Easy to use data modeling services that do not require programming knowledge

The Vizio Advantage for SAP Datasphere

At Vizio Consulting, we have the necessary knowledge and skills to implemented Datasphere for several clients across various industries. The combination of SAP Datasphere and Vizio Consulting provides the ideal solution to implement proven methodologies and deliver value for your data analytics programs.

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