7 Reasons You Should Run SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) On AWS

In 2023, effective data management needs centralized platforms that give users the best of all worlds. SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is one such initiative that brings together app development, artificial intelligence, data analytics, process automation, integration, and much more.

SAP BTP is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help businesses integrate and generate value from their datasets while extending their SAP landscapes as per their evolving business needs.

Being an SAP user, here are ten reasons why you should run your SAP BTP on AWS to obtain faster time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership (TCO):

AWS Has Been The First Platform Of Choice

AWS enjoys the first-mover advantage by being the first chosen platform to launch new SAP cloud offerings. Along with making the HANA Cloud Platform (the first HANA public cloud solution) available on AWS, the platform offered users with a web-based console to manage SAP HANA instances on AWS. This led to the first known SAP BTP service on the public cloud.

Reducing Custom Code

Running SAP BTP on AWS helps you reduce custom code in SAP ERP. Research has suggested that most customers rely on custom code for enabling critical business processes, with a large section of them depending on custom SAP interfaces. Reducing custom code within SAP ERP makes processes faster, simpler, and smoother.

Better Productivity

Business experts and key users who are well-versed in SAP business processes but do not possess expert development skills are often recommended to use SAP Build Apps on AWS. This allows them to explore new business benefits and boost their productivity by encouraging citizen development as well as facilitating federate custom development.

Business Process Optimization

When you run SAP BTP on AWS, you can optimize end-to-end business processes within your organization. Users upgrading or migrating to S/4HANA on AWS can readily assess non-compliance and inefficiencies within their business processes.

Real-time Planning And Analytics

With AWS, SAP users can make the most of its data analytics solution, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). This solution comes in three editions, namely SAP Analytics Cloud, Embedded Edition; SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning, and SAP Analytics Cloud.

With the embedded edition being available only on AWS, users can enable real-time data analytics to improve business planning and strategizing. It also prevents users from carrying out data replication and extraction.

Enterprise Planning And Analytics

SAP and AWS users can apply SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud for Data Analysis and Planning to business applications like S/4HANA. It is available to enterprises without needing to duplicate their datasets and access through different planning or analytical solutions.

Recommended By SAP Roadmaps

AWS is the only cloud service provider recommended by SAP roadmaps. It provides users with the widest coverage of the SAP public cloud and BTP services, facilitating a seamless transition from on-premise landscapes to the cloud.

Unlock The Benefits Of Running SAP BTP On AWS With VIZIO

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