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AWS is currently one of the fastest growing and most comprehensive cloud computing platforms. Countless organizations, from start-ups to multinational corporations and government institutions have begun adopting AWS to promote business agility and reduce cost. Its rapid deployment and user-friendly design have contributed to its immense popularity with customers.

A high-level overview of the reasons why AWS is becoming the preferred cloud solution for customers is:

Budget Friendly Solution

Service Offerings


Scalable & Adaptive Architecture

At VIZIO Consulting, we specialize in the following AWS implementation services:

AWS Redshift

AWS Redshift is a data warehousing solution that can handle petabyte scale records. This means that through Redshift, organizations can process a massive amount of data at a fraction of the price compared to other software alternatives.  For VIZIO Consulting, broadening our team’s competency into AWS Redshift was a complimentary extension of our already existing skills with SAP BW/4HANA and HANA Cloud data warehouse solutions.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an object storage service built on the Amazon Web Services Platform. Our team at VIZIO Consulting includes specialized individuals who can guide you in your S3 storage requirements. Our services include:

Choosing S3 offers clients:



Budget Friendly

Multiple variants of data in a single bucket

If you have questions, we would love to help!

AWS Athena

Using AWS’s Athena provides a serverless data query capability that allows for easy analysis of the data stored in S3. This means that AWS Athena does not require any additional infrastructure and as it runs directly on the S3 platform. The team at VIZIO Consulting works closely with our clients to ensure that they are provided with seamless and logical data for quick analysis. Choosing this path allows for:

Integration - AWS Wide Services


Low Cost

AWS Glue

AWS Glue is another serverless data integration system that allows analytics user to easily discover, prepare, shift and integrate data from various sources. All the data that is analyzed via Athena is rooted in Glue Data Catalogues. AWS Glue can also be connected to SAP HANA to extract data right into S3. By combining our deep-rooted knowledge of both these systems, VIZIO is uniquely equipped to offer client’s support in organizing their company wide data in a precise and clear manner.