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AWS Redshift

AWS Redshift

Are you planning to scale your business and looking for a warehouse capable of handling exabytes of data? If so, VIZIO helps you implement AWS Redshift within your organization. As your AWS implementation partner, VIZIO tailors its services to your business needs and helps you leverage the power of AWS Redshift in the best way possible.

What Is AWS Redshift?

AWS Redshift is a noted data warehousing solution that helps you store and process large volumes of data. From processing real-time analytics and combining suitable data sources to conducting log analysis and expanding your database, AWS Redshift helps you manage your data effectively.

Redshift’s robust functionality is made possible by the Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) technology. Its seamless architecture makes it capable of executing multiple operations involving a large volume of data without compromising the processing speed.

Features And Benefits Of Amazon Redshift

Let us now have a look at the key features and benefits of Redshift we provide as your AWS Redshift implementation partners:
Conducting Real-time Analytics
If your businesses processes require you to take important based on real-time data analytics, AWS Redshift is the perfect data warehousing solution for you. It helps you process your current and historical data at a lightning speed to ensure smooth business operations.
Combining The Right Data Sources
AWS Redshift helps you process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data to gain valuable insights into your organization. Legacy data warehouses are often unable to process varied data structures while maintaining a fast and steady speed.
Data Encryption
Amazon gives you the data encryption facility for any section of your Redshift operation. As your AWS Redshift implementation partner, VIZIO helps you decide the areas that need data encryption the most. This way, we help you keep your valuable business records protected at all times.
Business Intelligence
The data stored within your organization often needs to be handled by a lot of professionals, not all of whom are data scientists or engineers. In such cases, you can rely on business intelligence offered by solutions like AWS Redshift to create extensive reports, maintain dynamic dashboards, and handle your business data seamlessly. Business intelligence also helps you verify your decisions and obtain data-driven insights into your processes to ensure their efficacy.
Conducting Log Analytics
Simply put, log analytics refers to the process of analyzing a set of data recorded from one or more events to gain operational and managerial insights. AWS Redshift helps you with log analytics by collecting, storing, and processing data from a plethora of different sources. This data can also be used for behavioral analytics, helping you and your team assess user behaviors to enhance your business processes.

Empower Your Business For Seamless Data Management With VIZIO

The team of trained and passionate IT professionals at VIZIO helps you make the most of AWS Redshift and leverage your business data. From selecting the right data sources to optimizing business intelligence, we ensure that Redshift implementation will revolutionize the way you manage your business data.

If you have any questions, we would love to help!