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Staffing Augmentation


Contract - to - Hire

VIZIO offers ‘Contract-to-Hire’ staffing services, which enable a company to convert a Contract employee into a Direct Hire (full-time) employee after a specific waiting period and as per the agreed fee schedule.

Opting for this service allows a company to evaluate an employee’s performance and suitability for a position before committing to a permanent hire.

The placement process resembles that of a Contract employee, with an additional evaluation of the candidate’s potential and interest in a Direct Hire position before starting the assignment.

Direct Hire

Staffing Service
VIZO's 'Direct-Hire' staffing service fulfills a company's full-time hiring requirements by connecting with highly qualified professionals who are eager to join the company as permanent employees.
Qualified Candidates
Our firm collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific requirements. We employ our distinctive staffing system to create shortlists of exceptional and qualified candidates sourced from various channels.

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