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In the digital age, all your business processes require seamless database management to attain your organizational goals. VIZIO helps you make the most of your valuable database with SAP HANA Cloud. Our bespoke services allow you to obtain valuable insights into your business data and help you make decisions that matter the most.

The Database-as-a-Solution (DBaaS) platform is designed to facilitate lightning-fast data processing and seamless analytics. Depending on your business objectives, we help you optimize SAP HANA Cloud to integrate, store, and analyze your datasets in the best way possible.

What Is SAP HANA Cloud?

Cloud-based Software
SAP HANA (High-performance Analytics Appliance) Cloud is a cloud-based software platform provided by SAP that allows businesses to store, process, and analyze large amounts of data in real-time. It uses advanced in-memory computing technology that allows users to access and analyze data quickly and efficiently.
Multi-modal Database
In simple terms, SAP HANA Cloud is a multi-modal database that allows you to easily manage and analyze large amounts of data in the cloud without the need for expensive hardware or software. This helps your team members make better decisions and improve their operations by providing them with timely and accurate information. Depending on your business requirements, you can use SAP HANA to obtain intelligent data analytics to leverage your processes.

Vizio Service Offerings

We have expertise ranging from designing complex BW4HANA, BPC embedded, SAC models and creating insightful reports and critical decision support analytics.

Why Choose Our SAP HANA Cloud Services?


Centralized Solution For Scaling Data And Analytics

With SAP HANA Cloud, you have a single unified platform to deliver valuable business analytics at scale without worrying about issues like data duplication. It also helps you run robust transactional applications while simplifying access to your business data in real time.

Creating Customized Reports

SAP HANA Cloud also helps you use your valuable datasets to create customized reports. We help you leverage the digital solution to make sense of the seemingly overwhelming data, extracting valuable information from the same. These reports provide you with a comprehensive as well as an in-depth view of your organization’s performance.

Reliable In-memory Performance

The DBaaS helps your team in processing mission-critical data at a reliable in-memory speed. The platform also helps you federate your data across multiple systems and clouds while analyzing sensitive data and safeguarding its privacy.

Data Virtualization

SAP HANA Cloud is designed to give you a real-time gateway to the data stored across multiple applications and landscapes for comprehensive business visibility. It lets you acquire business intelligence from multiple data sources for any integration option.

Seamless Data Administration

The robust cloud-based solution helps you work on a database that is secure and accessible while simplifying your IT operations to optimize your system’s performance. A few noteworthy SAP HANA data administration features include:

Embrace Quick, Effective, And Intelligent Data Analytics With VIZIO

If you are planning to take data analytics up a notch, VIZIO’s SAP HANA Cloud services help you get closer to your business goals. With HANA Cloud, you can achieve your inherent business goals while implementing modern digital solutions. Our team of skilled and dedicated professionals understands your business requirements and helps you make data-driven decisions.

If you have any questions, we would love to help!