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SAP Datasphere

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Data warehousing is the concept of a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make informed strategic decisions to help businesses. SAP Datasphere goes beyond traditional data warehousing to provide a multi-cloud, multisource business service for enterprise analytics and planning. In addition, SAP Datasphere solution provides data modeling, connectivity, virtualization, and access across the enterprise. Leveraging on its potential business users can explore data, integrate new information, and share insights.

Insights into business and markets are extremely crucial only if they are data-driven. They elevate organizations to be in a position of preparedness and resilience to change. This advantage helps immensely in entering new markets, introducing new approaches to business models, and sustaining competitive advantage. Business data stored in a core business application is the key to making sound business decisions by correlating with different business objects.

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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

In the modern era, data has become one of the most valuable resources, and the Datasphere is the concept that encapsulates the ever-growing amount of data generated and shared across the globe.

Introduced on March 8th, 2023, by SAP, the Datasphere (formerly SAP Datawarehouse Cloud) embodies a virtual realm where data is seamlessly generated, collected, analyzed, and shared among individuals, organizations, and machines. It serves as an intricate network of interconnected data ecosystems, forming a dynamic digital universe that continually expands at an unprecedented pace.

SAP Datasphere addresses these needs by providing you the advantage to

Connect and collect data through data virtualization, replication, and orchestration
Apply a native understanding of SAP software data to extract business objects
Analyze data with in-memory speed
User empowerment combined w_Users can access, and analyze data independently in their own dedicated spaces without creating separateith governa copies or affecting other users.
Improved collaboration: Shared insights ensure that authorized recipients gain access to the same version, enhancing communication between stakeholders, enabling consensus building, and improving data trust.
IT and data expert focus: Empowering business users with governance provides experts more time to focus on complex analytics.

A Harmonized View of All Your Data to Empower Users in Making Faster & More Confident Business Decisions


Flexible insights

Choose SAP's embedded analytics or connect with any third-party provider. With Datasphere, enjoy unmatched flexibility in your analytical environment.


Empower business departments with Datasphere's self-sufficiency. Execute tasks independently, from modeling to permissions, with intuitive, cloud-based analytics. Achieve faster, superior results without extensive IT support.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

With SAP Datasphere, users are getting a scalable and seamless data repository at their fingertips.
Open Environment
SAP Datasphere combines graphical modeling, SQL scripting, and API connectivity for comprehensive analysis and ETL, providing a versatile and agile workspace.
Rapid Deployment
Benefit from pre-configured industry templates and extensible options, enabling quick utilization of SAP Datasphere to meet diverse business needs.
Seamless Integration
Integrate SAP Datasphere effortlessly into your existing system landscape, whether on-premise or cloud-based, with secure channels for third-party tool access.
Robust Security
Protect your data with confidence using SAP Datasphere's integrated security features, including role-based authorization, GDPR-compliant encryption, and built-in governance and compliance mechanisms.

The Vizio Advantage for SAP Datasphere

At VIZIO, we have the necessary knowledge and skills to implemented Datasphere for several clients across various industries. The combination of SAP Datasphere and VIZIO provides the ideal solution to implement proven methodologies and deliver value for your data analytics programs.

If you have any questions, we would love to help!