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AWS Athena

If you want to make sense of your business data through seamless and intelligent data analytics, AWA Athena is the best pick for you. As your AWS Athena implementation partner, VIZIO Consulting helps you analyze large-scale business data to obtain valuable insights and make wise decisions. We tailor our services to your business objectives and the purpose behind data analytics to give you the best results.

What Is AWS Athena?

AWS Athena is a service designed to help data analysts conduct interactive queries in Amazon S3 – Amazon’s cloud storage service. While Amazon S3 is designed to facilitate online archiving and backup of data and apps on AWS, Athena allows users to analyze this data using Structured Query Language (SQL). This allows you to perform ad hoc, quick, and complex analysis using large-scale datasets.

AWS Athena is a serverless service, freeing analysts from using any dedicated computing infrastructure while using it. There is no need to load your Amazon S3 data into Athena to transform it before analysis. This makes data analytics faster and simpler.

A data analyst can access AWS Athena through an API, AWS Management Console, or a Java Database Connectivity Driver. They can then define the concerned schema and use the pre-built query editor to execute SQL queries.

Features And Benefits Of AWS Athena

Let us now have a look at a few major features and benefits offered by AWS Athena:

Serverless Query Service

One of the biggest reason why businesses look for an AWS Athena implementation partner is because the service does not require underlying infrastructure. It automatically manages tasks like software updates and configuration.

Easy Querying

AWS Athena makes SQL querying easier by using the distributed SQL querying engine called Presto. Presto is optimized to facilitate low-latency data analytics.

Federated Queries

Federated Query is an important AWS Athena feature that allows Athena to run SQL queries across object, custom, relational, and non-relational data sources.

High Security

AWS Athena ensures complete security of your business data with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, access control lists, and S3 bucket lists.

Paying Only For The Data Scanned

AWS Athena implementation is cost-effective as the service charges you only for the queries you run. The query costs amount to $5/terabyte scanned.

Open Architecture

AWS also ensures high flexibility by offering an open architecture to the users. It doesn’t limit users to AWS-specific software, preventing vendor lock-ins. Athena is also capable of running multiple queries simultaneously, further adding to the service’s flexibility.

Simplify The Analysis Of Large And Complex Datasets With VIZIO

Being a trusted AWS Athena implementation partner, VIZIO Consulting helps you make the most of the query service and facilitate effective data analysis. Our team of trained and experienced AWS experts personalizes AWS Athena implementation to ensure that you get a step closer to your inherent business goals.

If you have questions, we would love to help!