What Is Amazon Web Services And Why Is It So Successful?

Over the last few years, cloud computing has taken the world by storm. It has expanded the boundaries of data storage, integration, analytics, and management. Challenging the limitations of on-premise platforms, cloud computing has opened doors to a number of fruitful opportunities for developers and organizations all over the world.

Talking about cloud computing is incomplete without discussing Amazon Web Services (AWS). The robust cloud initiative of Amazon Inc is a giant addition to the corporation’s portfolio, leaving a mark on the global IT sector that will stay for years to come. As of now, AWS is clearly a frontrunner amongst most cloud computing platforms in the world.

So, what is it and why is it so successful?

What Is Amazon Web Services?

AWS is Amazon’s cloud platform that is made up of multiple cloud computing services and products. The immensely successful Amazon division provides users with cloud storage, servers, remote computing, networking, email, mobile development, and high-end security. AWS can be divided into three major offerings – Amazon EC2 (a virtual machine service), Glacier (a cost-effective cloud storage device), and S3 (a storage system).

AWS is present in 81 availability zones with its servers outperforming all its competitors. These service regions are categorized to let users set geographical limits to their services if needed. In all Amazon Web Service is available across 245 countries and territories.

Why Is Amazon Web Services Successful?

Let us now have a look at the most important reasons why AWS is so successful in its domain:


The biggest reason behind the success of AWS is that it has made cloud computing cost-effective across the globe. Mr. Bezos has linked AWS to the utility companies operating in the early 1900s. Back in the day, a factory in need of electricity would build its own power plant. However, the availability of electricity from a public utility reduced the dependency on private electric plants. Amazon uses the same approach to make users switch from traditional physical computing technology to the cloud.

Ideal For Startups And SMEs

AWS provides users with highly scalable and adaptable solutions, making it the first choice of startups and SMEs. It provides an organization with all the tools it needs to start a new initiative from scratch. In the case of existing companies, it offers low-cost migration services as an incentive to make the much-needed switch.

Security And Reliability

In the age of digitization, no one can afford to lose their valuable records. AWS provides organizations with solutions that are much more secure than companies hosting their own websites and storage platforms. It currently has dozens of data centers around the world which are constantly monitored and maintained to ensure the uncompromised security of your valuable data.

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