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AWS Glue

AWS Glue

If you’re willing to shift from legacy ETL tools to modern alternatives and want to bask in Amazon’s glory, we are here to help you! As your AWS Glue implementation partner, VIZIO helps you set up one of the most sought-after ETL solutions at the moment. The serverless ETL tool allows you to manage your datasets in a flexible, scalable, and effective way. Rest assured that all our services are tailored to the objectives you want to attain, and budget you want to allocate, and the type of data you want to manage.

What Is AWS Glue?

AWS Glue is a serverless ETL tool that helps you migrate and manage your business data. ETL stands for “extract, transform, and load.” Considering these aspects, AWS Glue consulting helps you extract data from suitable sources, transform it in a way that best suits your system, and load it into the right data warehouses for processing. The AWS console UI provides you with simple and straightforward ways to perform all data management tasks from start to finish. You do not need any additional code strips while working on AWS Glue, making the processes simpler and faster.

Features And Benefits Of AWS Glue

Let us now have a look at the major features and benefits offered by AWS Glue

Seamless Orchestration

With AWS Glue, there is no need to set up and/maintain a dedicated infrastructure to execute your ETL tasks. Amazon handles all lower-level details, freeing you and your team from performing tedious tasks. Glue also automated several other processes, such as determining data schemas, generating codes, and customizing them. It helps your IT team execute ETL projects faster by simplifying monitoring, logging, alerting, and restarting failure cases.

Cost-effective Implementation

Unlike most of its competitors, AWS Glue allows you to pay only for the resources you use. In case your ETL tasks need more computing power but do not consume a lot of resources, there is no need to pay for the peak-time resources while using AWS Glue.

Integration With Other AWS Tools

AWS Glue perfectly integrates with other AWS tools like Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon MSK, etc. It is also compatible with other major data storages you can develop on Amazon EC2. Seamless integration helps you expand AWS Glue’s functionality and ensure consistency in your data management processes.

Ensuring Clean And Deduplicated Data

With automated data cleaning and deduplication, AWS Glue helps you work with a clean set of records. Especially if you are moving your data between two systems, the ETL tool helps you ensure that the records being moved are clean and relevant. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to clean your datasets and keep them up to date while performing ETL tasks.

AWS Glue and Streamline Your ETL Processes And Unlock AWS Glue’s Magic With VIZIO

VIZIO helps you optimize your ETL processes by implementing AWS Glue according to your organization’s needs and preferences. Our team of experienced and capable experts ensure that you implement a robust data management system to perform a plethora of tasks on a centralized platform.

If you have any questions, we would love to help!