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Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

If you’re looking for a robust cloud-based storage service to manage your business data, your search ends with AWS S3. VIZIO Consulting helps you unleash the potential of AWS S3 depending on your business requirements and existing IT infrastructure. As your AWS S3 implementation partner, VIZIO guides you every step of the way in streamlining data management across your organization.

What Is AWS S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is high-speed, scalable, and web-based cloud storage service. It is designed to help businesses with online backup and archiving of their data. With AWS S3, you can store, retrieve, and backup your valuable business records at any time and from any device.

AWS S3 is suitable for organizations operating at any scale. The cloud storage service is designed keeping a minimum feature set, making web-scale computing simpler for developers. One of the biggest reasons why more and more businesses are switching to S3 is that it provides 99.99% durability for all objects stored within the service. It also supports multiple security and compliance certifications to further enhance data management.

AWS describes the S3 environment to be a flat structure where the users create buckets, and these buckets store objects in the cloud

Common AWS S3 Use Cases

As your AWS S3 implementation partner, VIZIO caters to all different use cases related to the cloud storage service, some of which include:

Data Archiving

Data Storage

Application Hosting

Data Backup

Software Delivery

Disaster Recovery

Media Hosting

IoT Devices

Mobile Applications

Website Hosting

Key Benefits Of AWS S3

Let us now have a look at some of the key benefits offered by AWS S3:

High Scalability

AWS S3 charges you only for the resources you actually use, without any overage charges or hidden fees. This helps you scale your storage resources up or down depending on your organization’s dynamic requirements.

High Durability

As mentioned above, AWS S3 guarantees 99.99% durability of the objects stored and managed using the service. It has gained its credibility by storing data belonging to millions of applications and companies worldwide. The cloud storage service is designed to automatically store your S3 objects across multiple systems. This ensures that your data is safe and can be accessed whenever you want.


Versioning is an exclusive setting that can be enabled to allow different variants of a file to be stored in the same bucket. While it is not activated by default, we will help you enable this feature if you need it after your S3 implementation.

High Security

With AWS S3, you can rest assured that your data will be protected from issues like data leaks, unauthorized access, and cyberattacks. Robust access management tools and data encryption features help you keep your business records safe at all times.

Move To The Cloud By Implementing AWS S3 With VIZIO

VIZIO Consulting helps you implement AWS S3 to future-proof your data management processes. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals will assist you in exploring the modern data storage avenues while embracing digitization.

If you have questions, we would love to help!