A Deeper Look Into How SAP Datasphere Enables A Business Data Fabric

In March of 2023, SAP launched its new offering called SAP Datasphere. Datasphere is a comprehensive data service developed on the popular SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). It allows data professionals to deliver scalable and seamless access to mission-critical business data.

In the age of digitization, SAP Datasphere provides users with a unified experience ideal for semantic modeling, data integration, data cataloging, data federation, data warehousing, and data virtualization. The centralized platform allows data professionals to distribute valuable data across the data landscape of their organizations while keeping the business context and logic intact.

SAP Datasphere is hailed as the next-generation of SAP Datawarehouse Cloud with enhanced features that take data discovery, distribution, and modeling to a new level.

Let’s dive a little deeper and have a look at some of the most important SAP Datasphere capabilities enabling a business data fabric:

Accessing Authoritative Data

SAP users often grumbled about spending a considerable amout of time and resources extracting SAP and non-SAP data from multiple heterogenous sources for rebuilding semantics, context, and logic that was often already present in applications like SAP S/4HANA. This led to an expensive cycle of extracting and rebuilding while losing the context required for valuable insights.

SAP Datasphere tackles this issue by connecting (instead of merely extracting) data using easy replication or federation to the right business semantic layer. This facilitates self-service modeling for users without the need for the underlying application’s technical knowledge.

Enhancing All SAP Data Projects

SAP has retained all the capabilities of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in the new SAP Datasphere to ensure seamless collaboration across enterprises. This empowers businesses and IT teams to enable instant application access using pre-build integrations to instantly replicate or federate data through change data capture.

Moreover, the team at SAP has enhanced SAP Datasphere Marketplace to make it easier for users to leverage external industry data for supporting business-relevant data democratization initiatives and use cases through internal data markets. As of now, the SAP Datasphere Marketplace provides users with over 3,000 datasets.

Simplifying The Data Landscape

The team at SAP has augmented the capabilities of the SAP BW bridge for leveraging current investments in SAP BW and SAP BW/HANA. It also allows users to sustain current access to the SAP data with ABAP level extractors, understanding of SAP data and relationships, and staging data.

Moreover, the forthcoming app integration features will help businesses leverage pre-built content packages and business models. This will streamline data and metadata onboarding from SAP business apps to the Datasphere. Throughout this process, the new SAP offering will keep business logic and context intact.

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