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Action Chatbots

Action Chatbots

Gone are the days when technologies like artificial intelligence were considered to be too niche to be implemented by SMEs. Over time, these modern technologies have found applications in a range of different aspects of leveraging your business processes.

SAP Conversational AI allows you to create AI-driven action chatbots to perform specific actions on command. These chatbots can be considered highly skilled virtual assistants that help you get your work done with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

By creating action chatbots, you can have users automate a variety of business processes simply by initiating conversations with them. These virtual assistants follow the commands and initiate necessary triggers that automate specific processes. Right from offering personalized support to your customers or employees to streamlining tedious and repetitive processes, action chatbots make things a lot easier for you.

Automating Lead Generation

If you are looking for a 24/7 sales agent that works tirelessly for your business, you can create an action chatbot through SAP Conversational AI. These chatbots engage your prospects as they visit your website/application and interact with them. As your prospects provide the chatbots with useful information, they add the same to your database, helping you generate new leads. If optimized well, action chatbots can help you resolve the issues arising due to long and tedious lead forms. This way, you can generate new leads simply by initiating a conversation with your AI-driven chatbots.

Automating Transactional Actions

Streamlining Employee Onboarding

Remote Employees

The importance of action chatbots is not limited to prospects and customers. These chatbots can also be created to streamline the onboarding of your employees. Especially in the case of working with remote employees, these virtual assistants help you ensure that your employees have adjusted well to their new work environment.

Information Regarding

Right from clearing their confusion and keeping track of their schedule to obtaining any important information regarding the company or their positions, your employees can get multiple tasks performed by interacting with your action chatbots.

Allow Vizio To Automate Your Business Processes With Action Chatbots

Vizio helps you build responsive and task-specific action chatbots for your business based on your needs and preferences. Our experts help you drive digitization by making the most of SAP Conversational AI and implementing tools that are here to stay.

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