Applying Technology To Sustainability Challenges

While technology is changing the world and making people’s lives easier, it is harming the environment at the same time. According to Dr James Robey, the Global Head of Environmental Sustainability at Capgemini, the IT industry is responsible for around 3% of global carbon emissions. This is more than the carbon emission of Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal combined.

Owing to an increase in global digitization, IT companies are exerting pressure on the already weakened environment. This has made sustainable development important for companies worldwide. Along with ensuring your company’s growth and development, it is important to minimize the hazardous impact of your business processes on the environment.

While modern technologies are threatening the environment, the same technology can be used to tackle sustainability challenges. Today, technology holds great potential to resolve sustainable challenges, so much so that it can easily outweigh the damage done to the environment. If planned and exploited well, this potential can help you ensure sustainable development.

Innovation in the realm of data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and cloud computing has increased the technology’s potential to ensure sustainable development. If optimized well, modern technology can help businesses contribute to all of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

The most important development towards tackling sustainable challenges with technology is companies’ ability to generate, capture, and transmit valuable data, especially using the IoT (internet of things) solutions and connected devices. This allows us to understand the problems better and analyze the steps that can be taken to reduce nature’s depletion. The data generated and analyzed using modern technology forms the backbone of many sustainability agendas worldwide.

An increase in the quality and quantity of data captured and processed using connected devices enables advanced analytics. These analytics provide you with valuable insights into your company’s efficiency, helping you understand the impact you have on the environment. They help you analyze the situation and identify opportunities to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. For example, modern tech-based devices help you understand your energy consumption trends, allowing you to make important and sustainable decisions.

Moreover, modern technology helps you analyze your customers’ requirements/feedback to understand what they really need. This prevents you from wasting more energy than required while offering your services. When you utilize optimum resources, you reduce the damage your company causes to the environment.

Developments in artificial intelligence also add to your sustainability agenda, letting you manage your datasets with smarter algorithms optimizing operations with minimum human involvement. Moreover, robotic process automation (RPA) helps you improve your accuracy and minimize risks, further minimizing the hazardous impact on the environment. Almost every modern technology helps you make a positive impact on the environment, provided you use it in a smart way.

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