Best Practices in Cloud Operations for SAP Ariba Run Operations


The SAP Ariba platform is a cloud-based platform for supply chain management, intelligent spend management, and procurement. The system offers strategic modules that assist businesses in optimizing their procurement and spending processes, finding possible savings and creating a reliable supply chain in a single source of truth. These modules range from supplier management to spending analysis to buying and contracts. Users also join the biggest B2B network, which enables businesses to connect, cooperate online, and conduct virtual business with millions of suppliers and partners.

Large and medium-sized businesses that want to digitalize their purchasing and procurement operations from supplier selection through contract could benefit from the solution.

The ideal Ariba portfolio extension for SMEs is SAP Ariba Snap.

Enterprise Benefits of SAP Ariba Run

  • Improves staff performance with a simple, guiding user interface
  • Uses flexible configuration to enable the development of forms, permissions, and system behavior at the field level and for processes specific to a line of business.
  • Utilizes the guided process to implement procurement regulations automatically, enforcing compliance before, not after, the purchase.

Best Practices for SAP Ariba Run on CloudOps

  • Event and Alert Management

Using data from monitoring use cases and preset root cause analysis and alert follow-up procedures/guides, event and alert management enables us to handle events and alerts effectively and efficiently (including notification management and automatic event reaction).

The ultimate objective is to guarantee the structured, supervised, immediate, and high-quality follow-up of events and alarms around-the-clock.

  • System & Health Monitoring

Service Providers can monitor managed systems and tenants thanks to system monitoring. We can expand our monitoring capabilities to the non-SAP world with the aid of SAP Focused Run Health Monitoring. It gives us access to a wide range of monitoring features, including URL Availability & Performance Monitoring, URL Certificate Monitoring, OS Script Monitoring, OS Process Monitoring, and Logfile Monitoring. Any application, SAP or non-SAP, can have these monitoring features activated.

With the help of the OS Process Monitoring capability, we can keep an eye on whether crucial OS-level processes are running on any host.

Although this will be true for all systems/hosts for whom the template is activated, you can also activate custom metrics for monitoring OS processes with System Monitoring templates.

  • Real Time User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring’s goal is transparent about how user interactions are used (executions) and performed (response times). It allows the performance and availability of actual end-user queries to be measured. Utilizing a uniform look-and-feel and handling paradigm facilitates the monitoring of request executions from many platforms with a consistent user experience.

The objective is to ensure that real user monitoring is used to gauge how users perceive the application step performance and availability.

Why is SAP Ariba the Best Cloud Procurement Solution?

The geopolitical environment of today is more complicated and unstable than ever. We can now see how COVID-19 has disrupted the global economy and supply chain and how much pressure it has put on both for the foreseeable future.

We are observing a significant change in how procurement experts view the need for software, whether it is a procurement system or a fully integrated system. We frequently hear buzzwords related to the cloud, such as “in the cloud” and “fully integrated cloud solution,” which do X and Y. Still, these terms don’t explain what they imply. And in a society severely affected by a pandemic, how can it help businesses currently under extreme pressure to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and develop novel forms of collaboration?

The software must facilitate ideas and collaboration outside of the confines of the conventional local ERP infrastructure, given how quickly the world is changing. Beyond the local firewall and into the clouds, this is a significant and forward-looking change in procurement systems’ operations. From the perspective of an end-to-end business process system, the local or paper procurement process has been checked; nevertheless, we now need to know how this process improves the human experience. This change will set SAP apart from its rivals, and in our opinion, SAP already possesses the capacity.

Final Thoughts

Hitherto, procurement was more about obtaining the goods and services required to conduct business than fostering new, long-lasting partnerships and business. In the digital age, firms now emphasize supply chain and spend management optimization since they can boost profit margins and market competitiveness.

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