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BTP Set Up And Configuration

BTP Set Up And Configuration

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) combines the powers of practices and technologies like artificial intelligence, app development, data management, data analytics, etc. to drive digitization within your organization. It helps you make better sense of complex data and build solutions to streamline a range of different business processes.

VIZIO helps you set up and configure SAP BTP according to your business requirements. Being an elaborate and highly precise process, BTP setup and configuration shouldn’t be taken lightly as it affects your IT infrastructure’s functionality. Our team of skilled and experienced SAP professionals help you implement the cloud-based solution tailored to your business needs.

Experienced SAP Professionals

VIZIO comprises a team of SAP experts with years of industry experience. From data engineers to software developers, our professionals are trained and possess certifications in their areas of expertise.

Areas Of Focus For BTP Set Up And Configuration

Here are a few major areas we focus on while helping you set up and configure SAP BTP:

Data Management

Data management forms the pillar of almost all SAP initiatives. Our SAP set-up and configuration services help you store, process, access, track, analyze, and share your business data on a centralized platform. We help you use your data in a flexible and effective way depending on your core organizational core.


Data Analytics

Simply storing and processing data is never enough to optimize digital solutions like SAP BTP. Along with helping you with data management, we leverage data analytics solutions for your business. From planning and forecasting to scenario management and data visualization, we help you set up a platform that gives you valuable insights into your valuable records.


Application Development And Integration

Our SAP BTP services also focus on building robust software applications for your organization. Considering the needs of the end users, employees, customers, and other stakeholders, we help you make the most of cloud services by developing responsive applications. Our SAP experts also help you integrate your software applications to expand their functionalities and facilitate operational ease for the users.


Enabling UI Access

Our SAP experts help you configure authorization and authentication for application users within your organization. This configuration allows them to log on to the SAP UI and access specific apps/data. From giving admin access and defining security administrators to assigning identity providers (IdP) and defining roles to restrict authorization, we provide complete technical support to you and your team regarding the Business Technology Platform.


While setting up and configuring your SAP BTP, we focus on offering layered and robust security to your system. From facilitating single-sign-on (SSO) to implementing role-based features and access, we ensure complete security of roles, role collections, and users. Our services also facilitate trust configuration to keep your valuable records safe from issues like data leaks, unauthorized access, and vicious cyberattacks.



Our SAP BTP set up and configuration services also focus on the entitlements that provide users with the rights to provision and consume specific resources. Managing entitlements helps you clarify what every user is entitled to use. After implementation, our SAP experts also help add missing entitlements to a trial subaccount and move entitlements between different subaccounts.

Take SAP Solutions A Notch Higher With VIZIO

If you want to stay in tune with the ongoing tech trends and improve your IT team’s functionality, VIZIO helps you set up and configure SAP BTP. These services let you implement a robust digital solution that brings together multiple features and tools on a centralized platform. Our SAP experts tailor their services to your needs, helping you meet your business objectives in the best way possible.

If you have any questions, we would love to help!