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CAPEX – New Capital Projects

What Are Capital Expenditures?
Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) refer to the monetary resources allocated by a business to purchase, enhance, and maintain their physical assets. This can be in the form of building structures, technology, or machinery. Capital expenses are usually taken on to kick start new projects or ventures by a business.
What are New Capital Projects?
New Capital Projects are development ventures that a business or a department within the business decides to embark on as part of a New CAPEX expenditure.
Does this Sound Familiar?
With every New Capital project, the business must ensure that they have collected enough information to justify the feasibility of the undertaking and support decision makers in selecting a plan which will generate the maximum revenue.

VIZIO’s New Capital Planning Solution Summary

At VIZIO, our CAPEX template for New Capital Projects was created to allow for the maximum collection of information without over – burdening the planner. Besides master data information, this template enables you to project headcount planning as cost planning in streamlined manner.

High-level Planning Process Flow

The design of the planning cycle considers all the relevant components necessary for the planning of a new project. These are the details which help the stakeholders make their decisions. The following illustrates the high-level steps and activities involved in VIZIO’s planning process.


VIZIO’s New Project Planning template is fully integrated within our Global CAPEX Planning as well as our OPEX Planning template if the funding is coming from OPEX.

Highlights of VIZIO’s Capital Expense Planning Processes

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