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CAPEX – Ongoing Capital Projects

What Are Ongoing Capital Projects

This refers to any pre-approved company expense for purchases related to a long-term investment. For example, this can be for machinery equipment required to move forward with a construction of buildings. The budget for this includes any new assets or useful materials that may be required to maintain or improve the efficiency / effectiveness of already existing assets. It does not necessarily include the cost of that may be inquired in case of repairs or replacements / maintenance.

VIZIO’s Ongoing Capital Projects Planning Summary

The team at VIZIO has worked diligently to ensure that our in – house developed template for Ongoing Capital Project planning enables the user to get an in – depth view of the ongoing cash flow being utilized for the effective maintenance of existing assets as they are being used. By doing this, the business is ensuring that they are maximizing the utility of their existing assets before the time they become obsolete.

VIZIO’s Ongoing Capital Projects Planning is fully integrated within our Global CAPEX Planning as well as our OPEX Planning template if the funding is coming from OPEX.

High-level Planning Process Flow & Integration

The following illustrates the high-level steps and activities involved in VIZIO’s planning process.

Highlights of VIZIO’s Capital Expense Planning Processes

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