VIZIO Consulting Inc.

Custom Planning Solutions

In addition to our pre-packaged template-based planning solutions, VIZIO also offers customized planning solutions as per the specified requirements of the organization, industry & business.

Our custom planning solutions are built on a design approach which considers what the organization needs based on how their business is structured while leveraging their current resources, process, and IT investments.

We use SAP BPC Embedded or SAP Analytics Cloud platforms to deploy planning applications. Some of the custom planning solutions we offer include:

Freight Planning

Vizio Consulting provides end-to-end services in designing and building SAP Data Lake solution. For this purpose, we use SAP in-memory HANA platform. This allows you to store massive amounts of raw data in a ‘data lake’ which acts as a central data repository. The data, which is stored can be in its original format, that is, it can be structured, unstructured or semi-structured data. You can design & build streams of data pipelines, data transformation, and conversion from multiple sources. Harmonize your data sets that are easily scalable and utilize applied machine learning analytics at low costs.

Maintenance Planning

We at Vizio offer different maintenance planning solutions for different activities. These solutions help you in identifying areas of your business processes which, if improved, can increase maintenance efficiency.

Public Sector Planning

With increasing public expectations to provide them with services that meet their needs and demands, our customized public sector planning solutions can help you manage the ever complex and time-consuming budgeting & planning processes.

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