Data & Analytics Innovations on SAP Business Technology Platform

Data & Analytics Innovations on SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a comprehensive suite of tools and services that brings together application development, automation, data and analytics, integration, and AI capabilities into one unified environment. In this article, we will explore the latest data and analytics innovations on SAP BTP and how they can help businesses unleash the power of their data.

SAP Analytics Cloud – New Public API for Multi-Actions

The introduction of a public API for multi-actions in SAP Analytics Cloud marks a significant advancement in its integration capabilities within SAP BTP’s analytics and planning services. Multi-actions serve as the orchestrating layer that seamlessly coordinates technical workflows, enabling users to initiate a wide range of actions both within and beyond the confines of the product.

This newfound capability opens up a realm of possibilities for businesses, allowing them to construct dynamic cross-product and cross-line-of-business (LOB) use cases. Consider, for instance, a complex planning process that necessitates an approval step followed by the seamless transfer of final data into the HR system for operational processing. With the integration of the public API for multi-actions, businesses can seamlessly incorporate their planned data into SAP Build Process Automation on SAP BTP, seamlessly manage the approval workflow, and effortlessly channel the approved data into SAP SuccessFactors.

Yet, SAP’s vision extends even further. There are plans in motion to incorporate additional functionalities that will seamlessly integrate planning processes, orchestrated through the SAP Analytics Cloud calendar, into these workflows. This forthcoming enhancement promises to unlock even more sophisticated and tightly integrated planning scenarios for businesses leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud within the SAP BTP ecosystem.

Integration Innovations on SAP BTP

The transformation of the SAP API Business Hub into the SAP Business Accelerator Hub signifies a significant stride in integration capabilities within SAP BTP. This dynamic platform empowers both SAP BTP customers and partners by offering a repository of pre-built accelerators, effectively streamlining implementation processes and mitigating associated time, cost, and risk factors.

One of the recent game-changing updates involves the inclusion of SAP Build artifacts on the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. This expansion enriches the browsing experience for specific user profiles, introducing the concept of distinct domains. Notably, two new domains, namely integration and build, have been unveiled to cater to the diverse needs of users. The integration domain is tailored towards individuals focused on integration-centric artifacts, while the build domain caters to those keen on developing applications on the SAP BTP platform.

This strategic integration not only broadens the scope of offerings within the hub but also sets the stage for a more tailored and efficient approach to application development and integration processes within the SAP BTP ecosystem. It empowers users to harness pre-existing accelerators, driving efficiency, and enabling faster time-to-value for their projects.

Application Development Innovations on SAP BTP

As businesses increasingly embrace digital transformation, data security has emerged as a paramount concern. In response to this pressing issue, SAP BTP has introduced a game-changing solution: the SAP Private Link Service, now readily available on AWS. This powerful service empowers businesses to establish robust and confidential connections directly from their SAP BTP applications, seamlessly deployed on the Cloud Foundry runtime.

With the SAP Private Link Service at their disposal, enterprises can circumvent the public internet, creating an impregnable barrier that safeguards their invaluable data within the impervious network of the hyperscaler. This fortified security infrastructure not only fortifies data protection but also augments operational efficiency across a spectrum of business scenarios. Looking ahead, SAP envisions extending this support to encompass a broader range of scenarios and services, including the Kyma runtime and expansions to GCP infrastructure, promising even greater strides in security and efficiency for businesses venturing into the digital frontier.


The data and analytics innovations on SAP Business Technology Platform are designed to help businesses unleash the power of their data. With the new public API for multi-actions in SAP Analytics Cloud, businesses can integrate their planning processes and create powerful cross-product use cases. The integration of SAP Build artifacts into the SAP Business Accelerator Hub enhances the browsing experience and allows for faster implementation. Lastly, the SAP Private Link Service on AWS provides enhanced data security for businesses digitizing their operations.

By leveraging these innovations, businesses can make better data-driven decisions, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth. SAP BTP continues to evolve and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses in the digital era.