Data Visualization: The Underestimated Skill In Business Analytics

Data Visualization: The Underestimated Skill In Business Analytics

In the age of digitization, everyone is surrounded by numbers, figures, letters, and symbols all the time. When they combine, we receive what we call data. However, random datasets make little sense when it comes to business analytics. They need proper representation and visualization to convey specific information in the best way possible. This is where the underrated skill of data visualization comes in to take your business analytics up a notch.

What Is Data Visualization?

In simple words, data visualization is the process of representing data in a graphical (visual) format. It is the art and science of taking datasets and converting them into visual cues that help people understand the nuances better.

Organizations around the world use data visualization to represent complex data sets in the form of charts, graphs, and other visual representations. Data visualization often helps you bridge the gap between technical and non-technical professionals working on the same project.

Moreover, data visualization goes beyond merely plotting numbers, figures, and items on visual representations. It also involves finding relevant trends and patterns to make data analytics more fruitful. This lets organizations (especially the senior management) capture valuable insights and make decisions that matter.

Why Is The Underrated Skill Of Data Visualization Important For Business Analytics?

Modern business analytics will fall out of balance without seamless and effective data visualization. Here are a few important reasons why the underrated skill is the driving force behind holistic analytics:

Making Complexity Manageable

Visual cues have always been easier for humans to understand, decode, and interpret. Conveying valuable business information may get difficult and time-consuming without data visualization. Tools like charts and graphs help you convert complex datasets into information that is more palatable.

Democratizing Data

Data visualization helps you create a universal language that is understood by a range of different professionals working across multiple departments. From tech experts to operation leaders, it provides everyone with the same information conveyed in the same manner.

Accelerating Decision-making

Business analytics leads to some of the most important decisions taken and changes implemented within an organization. As our industry keeps getting increasingly dynamic, the value of time skyrockets. Under such circumstances, data visualization accelerates the decision-making process within a team. Instead of spending hours communicating specific information, data visualization lets you convey its essence in a quick and concise manner.

Critical For Predictive Analytics

It is nearly impossible to perform holistic predictive analytics all on paper. With data visualization, organizations can visually represent past and future trends to make more informed decisions. This facilitates the anticipation of market trends, strategy optimization, extensive planning, and rock-solid forecasting.

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