Demystifying SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022 Release


SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2022 release is out with more than 40 new features to its platform. Let’s have a quick look at their top 5 features.

Custom Widget Framework

The custom widget can be considered the highlight of the newly rolled-out feature as it enables the designers to add their custom widgets to the existing list of the predefined widget set. This addition will be most useful when the designer wants a particular user interface element or functionality that can’t be created from the pre-defined widget set.

SAP Analytics is also bringing in new features to simplify data binding. Analytics application designers can now directly access the Builder panel to bind data into their custom widgets. However, this feature is available only in the Optimized View Mode.

Optimized Design Experience

SAP Analytics Cloud is constantly working on optimizing the experience and performance of Cloud stories. Last year, SAC introduced Optimized View Mode. This time it is Optimized Design Experience that will reduce the burden of analysts while developing complex stories. They have also included usability improvements in the Builder Panel Layout and Optimized Story Viewer, upon the request of the customers.

Along with the Undo & Redo feature, users can also convert the existing design stories to the Optimized Story Designer. Users can expect more such performance-enhancing features in the upcoming quarters.

Flexible Time

In the new feature, users can enable both System and User Managed Time to meet company-specific fiscal calendar requirements for reporting and planning. Now the time dimensions can be customized and enriched with week granularity.

This feature supports a 53rd week by which the system will automatically add a 53rd week based on the week pattern chosen to accommodate the remaining days of the year.

Fluid Data Entry

As of now, data entry in SAC is done using single data entry system and mass data entry system. Both of these systems have their limitations like slower data entry or interactivity issues with widgets etc. To overcome such issues, SAC has introduced a Fluid Data Entry system.

Users can expect :

i) Faster data entry in multiple cells without any delays

ii) Automatically process data entry requests including recalculation of table formulas

iii) Tracking each required recalculation as a single transaction

iv) And can configure the delayed recalculations in the administration settings

Analytics Applications in the SAC Android app

From Q2 2022 SAC users can access the analytical applications in the SAP Analytics Cloud Android mobile app. Users can download the app from the Google Play Store by searching for “SAP Analytics Cloud”.

Android mobile devices should have Android 9.0 or later with more than 4GB of RAM to use the app. The app is designed in such a way that the layout of Story user’s view will automatically adapt to the device’s screen size. Users can also sort and rearrange the story list with filters like “by Name, Last Changed date”. And predefined filters like “ Shared with me “, “Favorites” etc. are also available in the application.

Like every quarter, SAP Analytics Cloud continues to enhance its existing features and expand its offering. SAP has also integrated its Product Timeline with SAP Roadmap Explorer; registered users can now tailor their own personalized roadmap.

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