External Workforce Management with SAP

External workers account for 42% of all workforce spending, according to research conducted by SAP and Oxford Economics. Contractors, consultants, agencies, and service providers provide quick, flexible access to employees with particular expertise, frequently assisting in meeting an uptick in demand.

However, how these employees are managed could have negative effects on your company, such as:

  • Increasing hazards to safety and compliance
  • Cost overruns and unchecked spending
  • Quality concerns

And in 2020, half of all jobs were filled by external resources, which currently make up 44% of all company employees.

This external workforce aids the activity and progress of the organization. However, as it is not usually integrated through your HRIS, it has no HR data.

How can these “external resources” be seen clearly? They, who? What is their purpose? What location are they in? Do they have access to the company’s security systems? What do they cost the business? What are the potential hazards for the business in using these outside resources?

What Is An External Resource?

People that work for a client organization but aren’t considered permanent employees are known as an external resource (or External Workforce).

So, what’s the challenge associated with the current workforce management scenario?

  • Limited transparency of expenditures
  • Inadequate demand management
  • Errors with payroll and invoice payments
  • Improper management of external resource activities
  • Rogue spending is when money is spent with an outside provider without following pre-negotiated agreements
  • Lack of information

With industry-leading solutions, you can find, engage, and manage your global external workforce:

  • SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management
  • SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement
  • SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management
  • SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management

External Workforce Program with SAP Fieldglass

A market-leading vendor management solution (VMS) called SAP Fieldglass makes it easier to find, manage, and maximize flexible workforces. The solutions put the consumer’s needs first and rethink how work is executed.

The platform cannot be the only factor in a successful external workforce management and services procurement program’s ability to achieve goals and objectives. This brevity course will give you a high-level introduction to a program management office. It is intended to give you the background information you need to understand better what is involved in running an external workforce program.

You’ll examine the elements of an effective program, go over the many tasks a normal program management office completes, and understand the capabilities needed for a PMO team.

How Can SAP Fieldglass Solutions Help Your External Workforce Management?

Analytics, mobile apps, and platform connectivity are just a few more extensive features shared by SAP Fieldglass solutions for hiring outside labor and purchasing services.

1. Analytics 

Access real-time data and useful metrics on your nonpayroll workforce using the analytics feature of SAP Fieldglass solutions.

2. Mobile applications 

Utilize mobile apps and SAP Fieldglass solutions to increase the effectiveness of your external workforce.

3. Integration 

Learn about the easy integration of SAP Fieldglass solutions with the most popular on-premises or cloud-based software platforms.

4. Improved assessment of qualified candidates 

Compare job contenders in a clear side-by-side comparison. Compare each employee’s Qualification Score, pay, experience, job skills, and other factors.

5. Discover the various features of a global solution for managing contingent workers. 

Get visibility for your excellent job advertisements, which can also include information about rates, the number of applications received, and whether the hiring manager has yet to review or approve them. At every stage of the route, job advertisements are visible in one place. Faster candidate selection is possible with the aid of machine learning.

6. Simple timesheet approvals with a single click 

If you need more assistance than a single software solution can, VIZIO is delighted to offer more comprehensive support in situations that make sense for you. If you require more information, choose the “View details” hyperlink for any flexible worker. Timesheets can be accepted by selecting the timesheet and then selecting “Approve” or “Reject.”

7. Uniformed process for onboarding and offboarding

Automate and keep track of each flexible worker’s onboarding and offboarding processes. You may quickly create or delete a network email account, send or receive badges and other company identification, and grant or refuse security clearance from a single record. To reduce risk and avoid IP being stolen, ensure the process is correct each time.

Industry Challenges in External Workforce Management

High levels of flexibility are necessary for both employers and workers due to factors including demographic change, globalization, and the labor shortage. This flexibility can be attained through the effective administration of outside resources. Colleagues are becoming more than just coworkers. They are crucial elements for strategic success that must provide “added value.”

Cost pressure, transparency, and compliance demands add to the demands placed on companies. The entire workforce, including coworkers and outside experts, on the other hand, is motivated by a need for flexibility, work-life balance, and purpose in their jobs. Therefore, to produce excellent so-called “employee and user experiences,” the modern HR department must approach employees and outside specialists as clients and effectively support them.

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