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FAQ Chatbots

FAQ Chatbots

When you provide a product or service to your customers, they are bound to have a few queries regarding the same. Most of these questions are fairly basic and do not involve a deep dive into your enterprise knowledge base. Letting your customer service representatives handle such questions is always a bad idea as it would only lead to your customers having to wait and your agents having to answer repetitive questions. The most obvious alternative to this is to provide your customers with a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions). However, customers are rarely willing to go through the document to locate their issue and obtain an answer for the same. They need quick and satisfactory resolutions to their queries.

An ideal way to deal with this issue is to build FAQ chatbots through SAP Conversational AI. This conversational AI solution allows you to set up chatbots that are dedicated to providing answers to the questions asked frequently by your customers by interacting with them. These chatbots scan your FAQ document and/or enterprise knowledge base and return with the right answers to the right questions.


Natural Language Processing For Effective Solutions

SAP Conversational AI allows you to create FAQ chatbots with natural language processing (NLP) to facilitate seamless conversations between your customers and the bots. This makes your customers feel as if they are talking to a dedicated agent for getting their queries answered. Creating such FAQ chatbots increases the efficiency of the support provided to your customers as they understand the questions being asked and answer them just like humans would.

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Set Up Smart FAQ Chatbots With Vizio
Vizio uses the solution of SAP Conversational AI to help you create smart and responsive FAQ chatbots. Based on your FAQ documents and business objectives, our team of experts facilitates the seamless incorporation of AI chatbots within your organization. We make sure that you maximize your output and attain your objectives by making the most of a technology like conversational AI.

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