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Getting all your data on a single premise

By jumping on the bandwagon of SAP HANA, customers are presented with the perfect solution of getting all their data on a single platform. Here, the data owner can view real time information on a single enterprise level source which helps in reducing data redundancies and discrepancies.

At VIZIO Consulting, our HANA solutions are pre – defined HANA content for rapid deployment of reporting solutions. They are HANA Calculation Views and CDS Views.

HANA Calculation Views

CDS Views

Consumption Platforms

HANA for IS Utilities

This is SAP’s industry specific solution for Utility companies which focuses on the sales and information system of waste disposal and utility companies. In this module, the relevant companies are provided support in the form of meter reading, meter data management, scheduling, billing, accounting, customer service and customer relation management. .

Through the implementation of this solution companies achieve greater visibility by easily tracking billing of services, fee payment, purchase of goods etc. which in turn helps companies in better planning and meeting market demands.

HANA Solutions

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HANA Solutions

HANA for IS Real Estate

SAP’s solution for intelligent real estate management allows you to boost the performance of your corporate and commercial real estate portfolio. Through integration with SAP HANA, users can simplify and control end to end real estate business management in the areas of contract and lease management, portfolio management and much more.

With the changing practices of real estate post – pandemic, now is the perfect time to rethink how to take advantage of these intelligent enterprises. With the help of VIZIO Consulting we can help you achieve this through several options.