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HANA Solutions

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Getting all your data on a single premise

By jumping on the bandwagon of SAP HANA, customers are presented with the perfect solution of getting all their data on a single platform. Here, the data owner can view real time information on a single enterprise level source which helps in reducing data redundancies and discrepancies. At VIZIO, our HANA solutions are pre – defined HANA content for rapid deployment of reporting solutions. They are HANA Calculation Views and CDS Views.

Consumption Platforms

At VIZIO, we understand the need of our customers and we know that each customer’s infrastructure is unique. For this reason, any solution implemented via HANA views is very flexible and rapidly deployable.
We can consume our view via the following options which provide a wide range of data consumption platforms with live and persisted data.

BW/4HANA - Live and Persisted

Directly in Excel Via Live Connectors

Directly in Crystal Reports and Webi

Directly in Analysis
for Office

Directly in


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