How Businesses Can Use Conversational AI In Day-to-day Job Functions


In the times when digitization is peaking, people crave the human touch. Despite machines being able to perform almost every task that can be performed manually, people find it easy to explain their issues, seek help, and put their points across by having a conversation.

This need for the human touch in the age of digitization has given rise to conversational AI.

As the name suggests, conversational AI is the technology that allows people to have human-like conversations with machines. It involves the use of virtual agents called AI chatbots that recognize text and speech to communicate with humans like humans. Systems implementing conversational AI make use of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and automated responses to perform a range of business activities.

Conversational AI is no longer a niche and exclusive technology limited to high-end enterprises and complicated processes. It can be put to daily use by organizations operating at all scales.

Here are some of the most important ways in which businesses can use conversational AI in their day-to-day functions:

Lead Management

Lead management is an integral part of marketing and sales processes within an organization. Generating a quality lead makes it easy for your sales reps to nurture it and convert the same into a loyal customer.

With the help of conversational AI, you can have AI chatbots interact with the prospects and customers visiting your website. As these virtual agents are able to understand the context of the questions asked by your customers, they can gather valuable information about their activities, interests, and preferences. This data can
be used for nurturing the leads generated and providing them with personalized services.

Personalized Customer Support

In most cases, the support required by customers is fairly basic. Following the traditional approach of routing the case to service agents and waiting for them to respond is getting obsolete. With conversational AI, you can have AI chatbots provide the primary level of support to all your customers on your website or application. These chatbots access the information stored in your knowledge base to provide personalized solutions to the issues faced by your customers.

You can always let your AI chatbots ask your customers if they are satisfied with the support or not. If they need more help, you can then route their case to suitable service agents.

Employee Training

Conversational AI can be used to make employee training sessions more interactive and personalized. By feeding your system with the relevant training resources, you can have the system train your employees through personalized interactions. Moreover, the use of AI allows your system to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, providing them with suitable recommendations and suggestions on the go.


The Final Word

These were some of the most beneficial ways in which businesses can use conversational AI in day-to-day job functions. By incorporating technologies like these, businesses across the board can drive digitization and enhance the overall productivity of their employees.

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