How SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) planning helps organizations innovate to success

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) warrants your convenience to Analyze, Plan and Predict using a business user-friendly cloud-based solutions. This solution provides you with a single source of truth concepts and allows you to promptly turn insights into action across your organization. Depending on your business planning process, Analytics Applications could be a better fit for your organization than using standard stories. The best time to discover and compare the different benefits of a standard or more customized development is in the prototyping phase before a detailed product plan. It can be very valuable to identify the key problems your organization is trying to address and over a day or two of workshops to define requirements. From there, simple side-by-side prototypes using both standard functionality and analytics applications can be used to define which approach better meets the business needs. Analytics applications may take slightly more time to develop initially. However, if the Analytics Application addresses more complex requirements that cannot be easily serviced in standard stories then the useful life of the application and user experience will be greatly improved.

SAP is positioning SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) as a future strategic direction and is working intensively on new functions. This involves the use of new technologies such as AI and machine learning. Therefore, many companies ask themselves whether they should switch to SAC as a planning solution.

Challenges in Planning & Budgeting

Planning and Budgeting bring in a lot of challenges for companies to concept and implement effectively. The following are some of the challenges in implementing planning and budgeting.

  • Lack of a system that allows the economic-financial planning cycle to be carried out.
  • Significant manual human effort, generally in excel spreadsheet administration, increases the possibility of errors.
  • Little capacity to manage “macro variables”.
  • Multiple information sources serve as the base for monitoring management indicators. But of complex extraction.
  • Non-unified database, where the information is consolidated for analysis and management reports.
Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud Planning

The following are some of the benefits provided by SAP Analytics Cloud Planning for organizations implementing it.

    • Easy to use, 100% cloud, and intuitive interface. Excel layout for loading information.
    • Reporting for deviation analysis and budgeting (real and historical information). Friendly modeling and simulations.
    • Unified planning and analysis in a single interface. Automatic or manual collection of information, reducing maintenance and providing data integrity.
    • Independent users in terms of loading their information, modeling, reporting, and processes.
    • Business processes are guided by Business Process Flows, which allow for configuration and defining each milestone, facilitating communication and monitoring of each step in the process with collaborative tools.
    • Open and adaptable applications. SAP and non-SAP integration, cloud, and on-premises environments.


Primary Features of SAP Analytics Cloud Planning
  • Augmented Analytics: SAP Analytics Cloud provides organizations with augmented analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to make the most of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics. The solution provides a Search to Insight feature, making it possible for users to access the platform without having any prior knowledge or training in data science.
  • Enterprise Planning: SAP Analytics Cloud works as an all-in-one financial planning & analysis (FP&A) solution, allowing businesses to create strategic alignments across all departments. The application enables the business to make better end-to-end planning decisions with the use of advanced built-in smart features like financial modeling, automated reporting, allocation, and intelligent insights.
Advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud Planning

SAP Analytics Cloud Planning provides the key advantages for Enterprise planning solutions built on top of it.

  • Using Augmented Analytics to Increase analytics potential empowers your entity to make wise end-to-end decisions
  • Utilize augmented analytics and business intelligence technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc. to make the right decisions at a faster pace.
  • Enterprise-oriented insights can help design better business processes
  • Align business processes for smoother functionality and greater outcomes
  • Clarity on all expense-causing and revenue-generating factors
  • Live connectivity provides you with updated and precise data

SAP Analytics Cloud is mainly used when flexible planning is necessary. SAC is primarily aimed at business users and combines business intelligence, planning, and simulation of business developments on one platform. SAP Analytics Cloud is poised to be a leader in the future of smart business management.

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