How SAP BTP accelerates productivity on RISE with SAP Transformations using Automation


SAP BTP is the foundation for the RISE transformation. Here are the top 7 reasons to use SAP Business Technology Platform along with S/4HANA as part of your RISE with SAP transformation. RISE with SAP package provides access to SAP BTP via free Cloud Credits based on Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA). All RISE with SAP customers has access to Identity Authentication and Identity Provisioning services on SAP BTP. These services are crucial when it comes to setting up Single Sign-on and user provisioning with SAP solutions. They also have entitlements to use the SAP Launchpad service and SAP Mobile Start. For example, if the customer subscribes to RISE with SAP for 100 users, they get the same number of users with entitlements for the SAP Launchpad & SAP Mobile Start service on SAP BTP. SAP Task Center is also included with the Launchpad service which can be used to centrally action work items from multiple SAP solutions. SAP Task Center is also embedded within SAP Mobile Start for users to approve work items on the go. To automate the whole setup of central Fiori Launchpad on SAP BTP with content federation of S/4HANA apps, customers have access to Cloud Integration Automation Services (CIAS) which will provide a guided scenario to help IT teams/partners configure their BTP landscape. CIAS is provided free of cost for customers to leverage.

Customer Use Cases

Here are some of the Top Use Cases which we see among RISE with SAP customers implementing BTP with their limited cloud credits.

  • Creating custom Fiori Apps to meet new requirements
  • Store S/4HANA attachments in Document Management service
  • Automating S/4HANA processes using SAP Process Automation service
  • Custom Code Migration app

PEA based accounts also includes a Free Tier Plan to experiment, learn and try out services on SAP BTP. his is a good option if you want to validate any business requirements and try out SAP BTP for the same. You might want to explore how you could jump start your integration project using SAP Integration Suite or persist data on SAP BTP for your extension app using SAP HANA Cloud. You can activate the free plan for these services and start exploring how you can achieve such scenarios which are well documented in the SAP Discovery Center. Once you have made up your mind to take your developments to production, you can upgrade your service to a standard/productive plan and start using the service.

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