How SAP Business Technology Platform encourages sustainability?

Sustainability has now become not just a fancy solution to improve an enterprises image, but a must have, given how the economies are doubling down on their efforts to get back on their feet. As part of a larger group of policy makers and companies that have a larger responsibility to bring back economy to its track, and given its large dependent ecosystem, SAP and SAP BTP has a comprehensive, big picture approach to helping stakeholder organizations practice sustainability.

Extendable Applications

Not every time there’s a need do you have to develop something anew. BTPs low code and pro code dev tools and VIZIO can help extend the capabilities of your existing app bundle and gatekeep it if needed to the just the right users. The BTP platform enables easy solution building and helps save critical resources by simply extending olive branches to existing software solutions.

Real Time Data Analytics

If you operate in an energy consuming or emission heavy space, then data and analytics solutions from SAP can help your business sustainable in real time. With trusted data collection, insight generation and a consolidated view of all assets in the business available across the organization, you and your org can always stay on top of the emission and consumption data, and work on correlating them with relevant factors and helps in real time decision making.

Tight Integrations In Place

Sustainability is accelerated by making data flow easily across different organizations, departments, and personals. Integrated solutions can connect applications, data and processes easily, thus making it easy for business networks to optimize sustainable growth and innovation. This also enable visibility of data disaggregation and compliance. These sustainable applications can help coordination and minimize resource wastage.

What Can Businesses Achieve Using the SAP BTP?

Sustainability stems from simple things. Conserving resources, employing them in better ways, making use of minimal space and storage and setting up simpler yet strong practices that will keep data migration and interoperable abilities in check.

With VIZIO as your SAP partner, you can build applications that have room for future improvements. These applications can be intuitive, and can be web applications, or native mobile applications. Real time data monitoring and data analysis to figure our correlations is a huge advantage for industries that operate in the energy sector or industries that have a lot of emission control laws governing them.

Scaling the applications can be very easy and connecting different verticals of the business and eventually data from different processes becomes easier, and more importantly, automated.

Creating sustainable supply chains and providing efficient customer service is also made simpler with applications that are built with the SAP BT platform. It brings together a lot of different operations of a business-like app development, data collection, analytics, AI and ML all under one umbrella environment, SAP. VIZIO can make the setup easier, and with these applications you can provide delightful user experience, leveraging on all the AI, automation, and data monitoring capabilities, whatever the business vertical you operate in. While you concentrate on your core business, we’ll concentrate on building sustainable, scalable solutions for you that are easy to use and learn.

How Does it Help your Business?

First things first, it improves efficiency and increases ROI. Things like real time data monitoring and predictive models can reduce the workload on your analytics and data engineering team.

The interoperable, device compatible and customizable solutions can be an easy-to-use application for not just you, but your stakeholders as well. So, the change and efficiency is passed through the whole chain and makes business faster, smoother, and transparent.

Different teams that handle app dev, data and customers are no more in solitude and can have a holistic view towards the business and course correct if something somewhere isn’t aligning with the organizational goals.

With VIZIO by your side, these applications can capture just what you want, and cater to just the right teams. Large applications and suites with a lot of redundant feature set that your org does not need is only going to make the experience of your team and eventually the user experience a half-baked one. Give them a holistic, well-rounded experience with easy to use, customized solutions with the SAP BTP.

How To Get Started

Reach out to us by writing to and get in touch with you to understand your industry and pitch the right solutions for you. Trust us, what we offer will only help you reach your goals in a sophisticated and sustainable way.