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Integrated Asset Risk Profiling And CAPEX Planning

Integrated Asset Risk Profiling And CAPEX Planning

Setting up and running a business is full of risks and uncertainties. While handling your assets, it is important to analyze the risks involved and choose the right ways to manage the same. Parallelly, it is important to manage your capital expenditure (CAPEX) by evaluating your organization’s long-term needs.

VIZIO helps you with both these aspects with its robust integrated risk profiling and CAPEX planning services. We analyze your business’s inherent objectives and provide sustainable digital solutions to enhance your operations.


Integrated Asset Risk Profiling

Asset risk profiling involves carrying out a quantitative assessment of the different risks your assets face. Instead of encountering risks unprepared, our integrated asset risk profiling services give you a non-subjective understanding of the risks to your assets by using suitable variables. Our team of SAP experts performs a thorough Risk and Criticality Assessment of your assets to understand the probability of different risks and their consequences. Here are the key areas we focus on with regard to integrated asset risk profiling:
An impact refers to the specific business goal for which you want to analyze the risk. Depending on the impact, your asset can have different risk and criticality values.
Scale refers to the answer options a user obtains once they are linked with a specific question regarding asset risk profiling.
This aspect defines the dimension on which the asset risk assessment will be done, along with the question the reliability engineer will answer during the risk assessment.
Assessment Template
The assessment template involves all parameters to be included in the integrated risk assessment of your assets.

CAPEX Planning

It is important for a company to plan its capital expenses using a modern financial strategy and digital solution. Our CAPEX planning services help you evaluate your organization’s long-term needs and analyze the long-term requirements. By comparing your needs to long-term plans and growth objectives, we help you plan capital asset purchases wisely.

Our CAPEX planning solutions take your projects, approval workflows, assets, and several key metrics into consideration, helping you make the most fruitful investments and reap fruitful returns.

Moreover, our CAPEX solutions follow a bottom-up workflow involving need analysis, cost-opportunity analysis, cost-estimation comparisons, and setting a dedicated time frame. We provide you with modern and relevant CAPEX planning tools that help you prioritize expenses, manage risks, and optimize the timing of your capital expenses. Our solutions also help you work with metrics like payback period, hurdle rates, ROI, net present value, and more to quantify the benefits of your investments.

Safeguard Your Assets And Indulge In long-term Planning With VIZIO

If you are willing to minimize the risks involved in managing your assets and be far-sighted in planning your capital expenses, VIZIO provides you with much-needed digital aid in the form our ready to deploy accelerator built on SAP Analytics Cloud. Our team of trained and certified experts help you with integrated risk profiling and CAPEX planning to leverage your business’s financial position. We shoulder the responsibility of optimizing modern technology to help you with asset and expense management in the best way possible.

If you have any questions, we would love to help!