Intelligent Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Using SAP AI


Intelligent enterprise can be found anywhere in the world and uses technology to fundamentally change the way it works, which unleashes a tremendous amount of value. According to SAP, an intelligent enterprise applies advanced technologies and best practices within integrated, agile processes. This approach helps it to be more profitable, resilient, and sustainable, while also transforming into a best-run business. Intelligent enterprises that are not limited to Fortune 500 companies – SMBs are also seeing the opportunity to transform their business models to become more customer-focused, more flexible, and more responsive to market demand.

Levels of Enterprise Systems


SAP & Artificial Intelligence

SAP differentiates itself from the many Artificial Intelligence technology vendors by offering AI in three different ways

  • Embedded: Artificial Intelligence is pre-built into SAP products, e.g. SAP S/4HANA including Cloud or SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Tools for Business Analysts: AI is embedded, but with more technical knowledge, you can customize its capability to suit your needs. Products with built-in and customizable AI include SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Platforms for Developers & Data Scientists: Platforms like Conversational AI Chatbots for those with more technical expertise.


AI Solutions & Cloud Services from SAP

SAP offers the following AI solutions for Enterprises to leverage and use AI in their applications

  • SAP AI Business Services: Optimize corporate processes and enrich the customer experience across the intelligent suite by infusing powerful AI capabilities.
  • SAP AI Core: Execute and productize AI offerings in a standardized, scalable, and hyperscaler-agnostic way with SAP AI Core.
  • SAP AI Launch Pad: Oversee operations and lifecycle management of AI content in a central place with SAP AI Launchpad.
  • SAP Conversational AI: Manage business tasks smoothly by deploying powerful conversational AI interfaces with a comprehensive bot-building platform.
Benefits of SAP AI For Enterprises
  • Integrated AI Lifecycle Management Operations:  Manage and operate AI services across all landscape and deployment options to support unified consumption using the SAP-governed AI API.
  • AI For Everyone: Extend your existing SAP applications and create custom ones that meet users’ specific needs by leveraging reusable AI services on the SAP Business Technology Platform.
  • Enterprise Readiness: Optimize business processes by consuming AI services embedded natively into SAP applications and services, such as SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Tailored AI to Tackle Business Problems: Save costs, increase productivity, and make faster decisions with AI services that are tailored to relevant use cases and support core business processes organization-wide.
How AI Empowers Business

According to SAP, the following applications can enrich customer relationships and provide immediate business value

  • Documentation Classification
  • Document Information Extraction
  • Service Ticket Intelligence
  • Data Attribute Recommendation
  • Invoice Object Recommendation
  • Business Entity Recognition

SAP has always been a data-centric company and its specific business is known for transactional data mined from customers, products, points of sale, and structured data. However, business intelligence goes beyond reporting said data. To become intelligent enterprises, businesses need to make sense of a growing volume of data, create a step-change in productivity, and innovate quickly. In other words, they need to accelerate value creation – and AI can help them get there.

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