Is Remote Working Good For The Growth Of The IT Industry?

Over the last few years, organizations around the world have realized the hard way that remote working can lead to the smooth functioning of businesses. With the increasing adoption of online collaborative platforms and companies driving digitization across the board, the trends of setting up hybrid workplaces and working remotely have disrupted the conventional work culture.

However, the IT global industry has always been ahead of the curve by adopting these trends way before the world encountered a pandemic. Thanks to the use of digitized platforms and technologies that do not require on-premise work in most cases, IT companies have been testing the waters when it comes to remote working for a long time.

Now that remote working has seeped into the mainstream, it will only help the IT industry explore new horizons and reach new heights. Here are some of the most important reasons why remote working is good for the IT industry:

No Geographical Limitations

Many global IT companies outsource their projects to professionals situated overseas. With the rise in the trend of working remotely, more and more companies will be able to get on the digital bandwagon and form teams that comprise IT professionals from around the world. This would lead to professionals having diverse skills from different regions bringing common projects to fruition.

Cost-Effective Operations

Especially in the case of IT startups and businesses operating at small scales, sticking to the budget is one of the major issues faced by companies. With the trend of remote working kicking in, organizations can function virtually without the need to invest in physical workspaces and bear a range of different expenses that follow the same.

More Freedom And Flexibility

With the new IT workforce comprising millennials and Gen-Z professionals, employees are no longer willing to stick to the conventional 9-to-5 routine. IT professionals today need their own space and freedom to give their best. Working remotely allows employees to work from the comfort of their homes without the need to spend hours travelling to and from their offices.

24/7 Services

Especially in the case of cloud service providers and IT consultants, clients often demand round-the-clock services. The conventional approach of working on-premise makes it difficult to provide such services to clients. With the trend of remote working, IT companies can outsource these services to a range of skilled professionals who can provide robust 24/7 services to their clients from different corners of the world. This allows companies to build strong relations with their clients by being there for them at all times.


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