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Accuracy of budgeted numbers and the quality of budgeting processes are imperative for precise expense calculation and the resulting profitability.

This is a must – have for you to steer your business through a fast – paced and constantly changing environment.

At Vizio, we offer an OPEX planning solution that is designed to fulfill the needs of any organization, and at any scale.

Built on SAP planning platforms (that is, BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud), our solutions completely integrate your cost – center level planning with your business activities and processes .


What is OPEX Planning

Operating Expenses (OPEX) is a term used within budgeting and spending that is usually refers to a company’s everyday expenses. These are all purchases that are required for the day-to-day essential functions of the organization and are generally exhausted within the same accounting period.

What is OPEX Vs. CAPEX Planning

Operating Expenses

Operating expenses represents the day-to-day expenses incurred by an organization to run its operations. These are usually conventional costs that companies belonging to a particular industry commonly incur. OPEX expenses are therefore reported in the business’s income statements and can be deducted from the tax year in which they are sustained. Some common examples of OPEX expenses include but are not limited to rent & utilities, wages & salaries, property taxes, business travel, account & legal fees etc.

Capital Expenditures

Capital expenditures (CAPEX), on the other hand, refer to large scale purchases of goods/services that are meant to improve the company’s future operations. These include purchases both tangible and intangible assets such as purchasing patents. Typically, though these refer to the acquisition of property and equipment such as a rig for an oil company.

What is OPEX Vs. CAPEX Planning

Why Choose VIZIO’s OPEX Planning

Our solutioning brings you optimal teamwork in the planning process, shared oversight and high – speed accurate implementation. It makes the planning process simple, enabling you to involve anyone across the organization who is needed for any of its components such as workflow, planning drivers, process tracking and ‘what if’ analysis. You can vary any key factors in planning, for example, inflation, and instantly produce numbers showing its in – year and multi – year impact. Vizio offers a fixed cost, template based implementation that guarantees on – time and within – budget completion of your projects. Reach out to us at for a demo today!

Why Choose VIZIO’s OPEX Planning

Highlights of VIZIO’s Operating Expense Planning Process

Operating Expense Planning (OPEX)

With VIZIO OPEX Planning You Get

Operating Expense Planning (OPEX)

Key Features of OPEX Plannning

Driver & Assumption Based Planning Process

Workflow Driven

In Year and Multi Year Budgeting Capabilities

What if Analysis

Built In Analytics & Reports

Highly Collaborative & Interactive

Integration with HCM

Data Locking & Version Management

Our OPEX Process

OPEX Solution Preview

OPEX Planning

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