SAP Analytics Cloud: Exploring Q3 2023 Release Features

SAP Analytics Cloud: Exploring Q3 2023 Release Features

In the age of information and digitization, it is mandatory for an organization to work on its analytical capabilities. SAP Analytics Cloud helps you attain these abilities with its cloud-based SaaS solution. The all-in-one SAP cloud offering provides users with an ideal blend of planning and analytics. Equipped with scenario management capabilities, business intelligence, and predictive analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud keeps reinventing itself to stay in tune with the ongoing tech trends.

The latest rollout of SAP’s cloud-based product caters to the third quarter (Q3) of 2023. The latest offering is packed with a few enhancements intended to improve user experience and ensure seamless business intelligence across the board. Two of the most notable nomenclature changes in SAP Analytics Cloud Q3 2023 include going from Dashboard & Story Design to “Story Design” and from Analytic Designs to “Story Extensibility.”

Here is a little sneak peek into key Q3 2023 Release features:

Linked Analysis For Custom Widget

The latest SAP Analytics Cloud edition introduces linked analysis support for custom widgets the way it was previously offered for Charts and Tables. Developers now have access to function calls that link source and target widgets within the custom widget framework.

Moreover, the new release allows Story Designers to link custom widgets just like they link standard charts and table widgets.

Public API For Execution

In the Planning section of SAP Analytics Cloud, the Q3 2023 release gives users a new Restful OData API that allows the execution of multi-actions from a dedicated external system. This allows users to control data loads and the execution of internal logic for the platform from a different third-party or SAP solution. This further enhances the closed-loop automation capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud with third parties.

Version Conflict Resolution

The new SAP Analytics Cloud release also comes with a feature that notifies users when underlying data changes have occurred since they are last published. The new feature appears only during individual cell conflicts. Here, the underlying data’s source does not matter. Upon being notified, users have the to Publish, Overwrite, or Cancel.

Microsoft Excel Integration

Late 2022 provided SAP users with the SAP.GETDATA which gave them functions similar to Microsoft Excel, helping them extract and display their valuable data on a grid using a custom cell formula.

In the Q3 2023 Release, SAP Analytics Cloud provides users with a SAP.SETDATA formula, allowing them to write back their individual data amounts. The new formula will also allow users to create completely unstructured layouts for planning their activities.

Exporting Content Network Package To SAP BTP

The latest SAP Analytics Cloud release allows content network users to export their content network packages to the SAP Cloud Transport Management service running on SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).

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