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SAP BPC Embedded

What we do

VIZIO has wide and in-depth knowledge coupled with hands-on experience in delivering successful planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and financial consolidation projects. We work with any BPC version and provide complete support across all your requirements. All you would want to know about BPC Embedded

SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is a financial planning and consolidation solution. SAP BPC is designed with flexibility in mind where it becomes easy to adapt or change planning and requires minimal IT support. BPC is a tool that supports all financial transactions in a business and tackles all major challenges including:

BPC Standard BPC Embedded
Full feature planning and consolidation tool based on BW supported on HANA Leverages BW-IP logic, taking advantage of native BW Cubes
Designed for flexibility and administered by the users Offers Planning Application Kit (PAK)
Requires its BW namespace and its cubes BW-IP optimized for HANA
Uses an account model – Single key figure Multi-key figure model
Front-end – EPM Add-In Front-end – MS Office Analysis
Targeted at business users and flexibility Leverages IT-centric EDW model with BPC business-oriented features

Why SAP BPC Embedded?

The reason is pretty simple - HANA. SAP BPC Embedded model planning has evolved from SAP’s BW-IP (Integrated Planning) solution.

Advantages of SAP BPC Embedded


Rapidly Team Building

Embedded BPC is just BW-IP with a BPC front-end. Therefore, it’s been around for years and there are many more skilled people in the market building a good and strong team is quite easy allowing you to scale up a project faster.

Leveraging the existing HANA database

This simply means that Embedded planning functions run directly in the HANA database. The functions will be much faster and you will be maximizing the value you are already getting from your HANA database investment.

Simplifies migration to SAP S / 4HANA

Embedded BPC implementations can be done in such a way that they are in most parts “portable” to an S/4HANA implementation at now or at a later stage.

Organizing front-end reporting tools

Embedded BPC uses the Microsoft Analysis Tool as its Excel Add-in. Since this is the preferred tool of users for reporting from BW, it would be more convenient to leverage the team’s knowledge and time.

Makes reporting easy with additional tools​

Tools such as Lumira, Webi, DesignStudio, etc can report on the data in Embedded models very easily as they’re effectively just BW objects and work in the same way.

Hardware cost reduction

Embedded implementations use the same back-end storage objects that BW does so data is only stored once.

SAP innovation

Embedded functionality developments are given priority at SAP as the focus in its road map indicates.

Choosing the right solution

Do you have an SAP Business warehouse already? If the answer is ‘No’ then SAP BPC Standard would be ideal for you. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then embedded BPC is the way to go.

Common Implementation issues and why VIZIO is your best option

If you have any questions, we would love to help!