SAP Fiori Evolution in UI Technologies with Horizon

SAP Fiori Evolution in UI Technologies with Horizon

Horizon is the fresh new visual theme for SAP Fiori. The new Horizon theme introduces signature design elements which focus on helping people get their job done faster, more intuitively and with better outcomes. Horizon is generally available for productive use by customer and partner development teams using SAP’s UI technologies for developing web-apps as well as native mobile apps. Also, Horizon is now starting to make its appearance in selected SAP products.

Horizon can be used with some design principals for a home page and for a web and mobile application. There are two variants of it, light version called Morning Horizon and dark version called Evening Horizon as well as high contrast white and black versions of the theme for accessibility, to help people with visual impairments.

Horizon For Native Mobile Apps

For developing native mobile apps with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), Horizon is now generally available in the SAP BTP SDK for iOS and the SAP BTP SDK for Android. For low-code development, SAP provides the mobile development kit with SAP Mobile Services which allows you to build your application once, in an integrated development environment (SAP Business Application Studio as well as Visual Studio Code) and run it natively on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and as a web application (online) in the browser. The mobile development kit now also supports the Horizon theme. The new components are on the road map to be supported in Q3/2022.

Horizon For Web Apps

For developing web apps with SAP Business Technology Platform, Horizon is now generally available for productive use with SAPUI5 version 1.102: Morning Horizon, Evening Horizon as well as the high contrast light and dark versions. For low-code development, you can also use the integrated development environments (IDEs) SAP Business Application Studio as well as Visual Studio Code to leverage SAP Fiori tools and SAP Fiori elements. They allow you to build powerful web apps using a pattern-based approach very efficiently. You can also use these IDEs along with SAP Fiori tools for your pro-code / freestyle development with SAPUI5.

Horizon For SAP Products

Horizon is available in selected SAP Products and is expected to be rolling out more in the future. As already announced in November, SAP S/4HANA Cloud currently offers a preview of Morning Horizon. SAP S/4HANA on-premises customers should be able to start trying it out in on-premise development projects if you upgrade to the new release planned for Q4/2022, and use your custom applications together with standard apps productively early next year. Horizon is being applied in a stepwise approach, starting with applying the colors, icons, typography, shell, and navigation. This is now available for Morning Horizon in SAP Service Cloud.

For SAP Business Technology Platform, the profile page showing a user’s profile now has the Horizon theme. If you have this service up and running, you can access it via the URL


As you can see, Horizon is approaching, it is generally available in UI technologies for developers, and already selected products support it. During this year, further products are planning to adopt Horizon, often starting with a preview before making it generally available.

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