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SAP HANA Data Lake

Traditional forms and methods of managing data and utilizing them are becoming outdated and even redundant as data grows and the data types diversify. Such developments can have a debilitating effect on the efficiency of data-dependent organizations.

To stay on top of their business, companies are responding by implementing data lake technologies. Vizio Consulting is your ideal partner with years of experience in Data Lake Technologies.

What is a Data Lake?

A data lake is a repository of multiple types of data. From this vast lake of data, it can be examined, accessed, and used to make data-driven intelligent decisions.

Why create a Data Lake?

A data lake can help companies exploit the potential of newer and more diverse data types, simultaneously helping make legacy systems more efficient by offloading capacity to the newer, more flexible infrastructure.

A Data Lake can give you unimaginable advantages that allow you to store petabyte volumes of data, provide cost-effective high capacity, integrate multiple types and forms of data, and build data science applications.


Features of SAP HANA Data Lake

Some features of SAP HANA Data Lake include basic and advanced features like Fast ingestion of raw data, Low costs, Unlimited scale, APIs for data access, Secures and protect data, Real-Time Analytics, Machine Learning, and various Applications. Let’s take a look at some of the technology features and understand their benefits



SAP HANA Data Lake in a nutshell

Vizio Consulting and SAP HANA Data Lake

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