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SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite

Software integration helps to expand your application’s functionality by syncing it with one or more suitable third-party apps or services. At VIZIO, we help you integrate on-premise cloud-based apps and processes with the SAP integration suite. Our team of trained and experienced SAP professionals analyze your business requirements, find the gaps to be filled, and offers personalized services to integrate your applications effectively.

What Is SAP Integration Suite?

As the name suggests, the SAP integration suite refers to an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that enables smooth integration of cloud-based and on-premise applications and processes. It uses pre-built content and tools managed by SAP to sync the right applications according to your business needs.

By implementing SAP Integration Suite within your organization, we help your team members and customers to work on a single unified platform instead of switching between multiple applications/services. Our services harmonize access to the most suitable third-party applications and improve your team’s ability to design, publish, and manage relevant APIs.

We also help you embrace modern technologies by setting up SAP Integration Suite as the service comes with AI-enabled cloud and hybrid integration. Our SAP experts guide you every step of the way, helping you document, define, and govern your app integration strategy.

Major SAP Integration Suite Capabilities

Let us now have a look at the key SAP Integration Suite capabilities that make its implementation beneficial for your organization:
Cloud Integration
The iPaaS helps you consider the elements that need to be unified in the age of digitization. Over time, more and more companies are switching from legacy platforms to the cloud. With SAP Integration Suite, you can integrate multiple systems and apps in hybrid landscapes developed on multiple technology stacks. It also helps you integrate processes and apps with different security standards and business interface specifications. This allows you and your team members to work on a system equipped with diverse functionalities, irrespective of the landscape used.
API Management
SAP Integration Suite provides you with a centralized layer to meter, govern, and manage your APIs. This capability gives you a code-free and web-based framework to manage existing APIs, create new APIs, and enhance your APIs with the right access and security policies. With an API-based integration approach, SAP Integration Suite provides you with a plug point to facilitate the seamless creation and integration of applications.

Open Connectors
This SAP Integration Suite capability gives you third-party connectors through a unified REST API layer. It facilitates effective error handling, normalized authentication, and connectivity mechanisms for your system. This prevents your developers from learning about the technology and focusing on building robust business integrations.
Integration Advisor
With Integration Advisor, SAP Integration Suite helps you map business interfaces and accelerate their development. This reduces the time and money you would otherwise spend on mapping the interfaces. This capability also contains out-of-the-box content for SAP S/4HANA and multiple EDI standards.

Conduct Error-free And Productive Integrations With VIZIO

VIZIO helps you implement and operate SAP Integration Suite to facilitate seamless integration between apps and processes. Depending on your business needs and preferences, our team of certified SAP experts helps you choose the right apps to integrate and ensure seamless data migration.

If you have any questions, we would love to help!