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SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework – Technology That Powers SAP AI

The SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework combines the Business Network, the Intelligent Suite, the Industry Cloud, and the Business Technology Platform. The SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework combines the Business Network, the Intelligent Suite, the Industry Cloud, and the Business Technology Platform.


The SAP Intelligent Enterprise Framework consists of the following components:

  • Business Network: The Business Network solutions help you digitize cross – enterprise business processes across ecosystems and support collaboration with partners and suppliers to build flexible value chain and services.
  • End to End Processes (E2E): The Intelligent Enterprise Framework covers all E2E processes. It has main processes like Lead – to – Cash, Recruit – to Retire, Design – to – Operate and Source – to – Pay.
  • Experience Management: The tools from Experience Management help to evaluate customer, partner and employee experiences along the value chain. This enables you to better understand your stake holders, what they want and how they feel when they use your products or services. This is critical to making the right business decisions.
  • Intelligent Suit: The Intelligent Suit helps you manage every part of your business – people, customers, products, expenses, finance and IT. Embedded analytics provides a 360 degree view of the entire business. Behind Intelligent Suit is essentially the SAP S4/HANA or SAP S4/HANA Cloud System.
  • Industry Cloud: SAP’s new industry cloud provides vertical solutions from SAP and partners to cover industry specific requirements and to be able to react faster to changes in the market.
  • Sustainable Management: SAP Solutions for sustainability help you understand and influence the impact of your actions on people and the environment. Doing business sustainably means creating positive economic, environmental and social impacts.
  • Business Technology Platform: The Business Technology Platform provides tools for data management, analytics and support application development and the integration of applications within the SAP portfolio and non – SAP applications. It does not matter whether the application is a cloud or on – premise application.
  • Infrastructure: SAP is going to open the way for customers and partners to get the benefits of SAP Business Technology Platform on their cloud infrastructure of choice. SAP leverages the existing infrastructure partners and capabilities of Cloud.

Top Enterprise AI Scenarios

Organizations can use AI to solve complex business challenges and become intelligent, sustainable enterprises.


  • Receivables Line-Item Matching
  • Tax Compliance Issue Processing
  • Intelligent Finance Invoice Processing with RPA
  • Accounts Payable Invoice Extraction

Sales & Commerce: 

  • Sales Order Creation
  • E-Commerce Hyper personalization
  • Employee Purchase Inquiry Automation
  • Intelligent Lead Capturing from Business Cards
  • Automatic Prediction of Missing Master Data Fields


  • Learning Recommendations
  • HR Admission and Onboarding Process
  • Intelligent Screening of Resumes
  • Digital Assistant for HR


  • Purchase Order Processing

Customer Services: 

  • Chat Optimization for Ticket Handling
  • Service Request Handling
  • Service Ticket Automation
  • Online Patient Experience
  • Vendor Invoice Inquiry Automation


Infuse artificial intelligence technologies from SAP into enterprise scenarios across lines of business in a scalable way to enable automated, accelerated, and sustainable corporate processes. Benefit from integrated AI lifecycle management and operations, with enterprise-ready AI services available on SAP Business Technology Platform tailored to address your business challenges.

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