The 4 Pillars Of SAP BTP

SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) is an extensive portfolio of SAP solutions, services, and products brought under a single umbrella. It can be referred to as a dedicated collection of cloud-based and on-premise offerings coming together to help organizations enhance their processes.

SAP BTP stands on four strong pillars – Database and Data Management, Analytics, App Development, and Intelligent Technologies. Let us have a brief look at each of these pillars.

Database and Data Management

SAP BTP has everything you need to record, store, extract, process, integrate, and analyze your valuable business data. The services and solutions falling under this pillar are designed to help you manage your data in an effective and flexible way. It also lets you meet the speed your business demands with regard to data management.

Under this pillar, SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud facilitate seamless data management through a robust in-memory database useful on-premise and in the cloud. It is safe that this is the foundation of almost everything in SAP and its offerings. Moreover, the coveted SAP Data Warehouse gives you a unified view of your data across every aspect of your organization without the need to physically move it to a centralized location.


This SAP BTP pillar lets you plan, forecast, and obtain valuable insights into your valuable business records. The SAP Analytics Cloud lets you gather data from your data warehouses, operation systems, and data lakes to combine the same with external market data using advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. This pillar also helps you detect anomalies and identify the drivers behind key performance indicators automatically.

App Development and Integration

With this pillar, organizations obtain everything they need to streamline Agile business process innovation and custom application development. It also facilitates robust integration and within the cloud and across suitable hybrid scenarios. With this SAP BTP pillar, you can readily integrate your application, extend your application, or create new software solutions to leverage your unique business processes.

Intelligent Technologies

SAP BTP also allows you to embed modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) into almost all its solutions. Whether you are working on simplifying complex processes or automating the simple ones, the services and solutions help you embrace intelligent technologies in the best way possible.

Intelligent solutions like SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation help you and your team members automate complicated and repetitive tasks that take up a lot of your precious work hours. This ends up freeing a lot of your resources who can now focus on the core business issues.

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