Use Cases of AI in Businesses

Artificial Intelligence is no longer regarded as a niche technology that can be implemented only by high-end enterprises. Over time, it has found applications in organizations operating at all scales and belonging to almost every major industry. AI allows your organization to become smarter by allowing your system to think and process information like humans. Right from making data-driven predictions to providing valuable insights, AI helps you get on the digital bandwagon the right way.

Software solutions like SAP allow businesses to implement AI to streamline a myriad of different business processes. With the help of SAP artificial intelligence, organizations can optimize technologies like conversational AI, AI forecasting, and more within a centralized ecosystem.

Here are some of the major use cases of AI in businesses that help organizations make smarter decisions:

Chat Optimization Via Conversational AI

As the name suggests, conversational AI allows businesses to employ chatbots to have automated conversations with users. The technology can be used to provide personalized customer and employee support. The chatbots used in conversational AI are equipped to understand the context of the questions asked by specific users. This allows them to scan the knowledge base of the organization and come up with solutions that are tailored specifically for the concerned user.

Sales Order Processing

Businesses often face the issue of receiving incomplete sales orders with key elements missing. This makes the sales representatives and service agents add relevant details manually – a process that takes a lot of their time. AI-based sales order processing allows businesses to automate the process of sales order creation.

A competent AI solution would identify the missing fields in a sales order, predict the information to be added, and fill in the details without any unnecessary delays.

Smart Learning Recommendations

When organizations provide training to their employees through digital platforms, they often tend to get overwhelmed by the plethora of information and resources available to them. With AI-based learning recommendations, you can personalize the training provided to each of your employees.

Artificial intelligence in SAP allows your system to scan through historical data pertaining to every employee and make recommendations that are best suited for them. Also, implementing approaches like microlearning allows you to simplify employee training by providing users with bite-sized resources on a regular basis.

Service Ticket Automation

Along with the use of conversational AI, the technology can also be used for automating ticketing processes to provide better services to your customers. AI-based systems allow you to segment and segregate cases as they go to your service agents. Moreover, the agents are provided with all relevant resources pertaining to the customer and the issue at hand. This increases the speed of issues resolved and solutions provided by service agents.

The Final Word

These were some of the most important use cases of AI in business. Solutions like SAP help you leverage the potential of AI to drive digitization within your organization. To thrive in the industry in the age of digitization, it is always important to make your systems smarter.

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