What Are Low Code/No Code Applications?


Gone are the days when businesses used to spend several days behind getting their applications developed with the help of complicated coding. In 2022, both technical developers and non-developers have steered away from writing long lines of code for building applications and services.

Low code/no code applications are the applications that are built with little to no manual coding. While low code applications are developed with minimal coding and basic programming, no code applications do not require any coding at all. These applications have gained immense popularity around the world as more and more developers are resorting to low code/no code development for building software applications.

Here are some of the most important reasons why businesses prefer developing low code/no code applications in 2022:

Faster Development and Deployment

If you are willing to build an application without having much time at hand, low code/no code development is the best alternative to getting quality work done on time. As developers are not required to write lengthy and complicated codes, it results in the apps being developed and deployed at a faster rate. This leads to project timelines and app development cycles getting significantly shorter.

Cost-effective Development

Hiring experienced developers skilled in writing manual codes would always cost you a fortune. Moreover, as conventional development takes more time, the developers will bill you for more working hours. Instead, low code/no code development provides you with the same results at a much lesser cost. Even if you hire professional developers for building these apps, you would be billed for lesser hours as the project is completed faster.

Greater Agility

Manual development often limits the agility of developers as they spend a lot of time building a single application. On the other hand, low code/no development increases the agility of developers to build applications at a much faster rate. This way, they can build multiple applications in a short span of time based on the requirements of their clients. As a good chunk of low code and no code development is automated, it saves the developers’ time and allows them to work on complicated projects.

Anyone Can Be A Developer!

You may have employees within your organization who are very creative and have great ideas for building innovative applications without the technical knowledge of coding. With low code/no code development, any non-technical professional in your organization can build an application based on little to no knowledge of programming. This allows their creative juices to flow without complicated coding acting as an obstacle.

Build Robust Low Code/No Code Applications With Vizio

If you are not willing to spend time and money on getting your applications developed, Vizio helps you streamline the development by building low code/no code applications. Based on your requirements, we provide you with app development solutions that are easy to understand and faster to implement. With low code/no code development, our team of experts help you make the most of your time by building more applications over a limited period of time.

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