What Is RISE With SAP? Prepare For The Move To The Cloud


Over the last few of months, discussions around RISE with SAP have become prominent on the internet. With SAP coming up with a new offering, people are curious about its uses, benefits, and whether it is exclusive for current SAP users.

Let us briefly have a look into RISE with SAP and its solutions.

What Is RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is the latest go-to-market offering of SAP which is an additional drive by SAP to cloud. Essentially, it is a subscription-based service that bundles multiple SAP assets to provide customers with business transformation-as-a-service.

RISE with SAP allows businesses to be intelligent enterprises and drive digitization within organizations by moving them to the cloud. The solutions offered by the new SAP initiative are dedicated to helping companies leverage technology to streamline their business processes and attain their objectives in the best way possible.

RISE with SAP Solutions

Here are some of the key solutions offered by RISE with SAP to the users:

1. S/4HANA Cloud Suite

S/4HANA is a flagship SAP offering and provides users with a robust enterprise resource planning suite. The cloud suite of this offering is a hosted version designed for companies that are not willing to run the solution on-premise. The cloud-based suite provides users with solutions related to finance, sales, R & D, supply chain management, and supplier relationship management.

2. System Hosting Options

As the S/4HANA Cloud Suite needs to be run on the cloud, users will be required to choose a system host to implement the solution. While SAP allows users to run the solution on the SAP servers, certain hyperscalers provide users with the ability to host an SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution as well. These hyperscalers include Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Alibaba Cloud.

3. SAP Business Network Starter Pack

This RISE with SAP solution is a robust functionality that allows users to get seamlessly connected with their trading partners in the source-to-pay processes, like suppliers, carriers, and more. The network starter pack allows managers to search for and qualify the right suppliers easily, manage business inventory, track assets that are in transit, and provide transparent support to their customers.

4. Business Process Intelligence

RISE with SAP provides users with powerful business process intelligence capabilities to make smart data-driven decisions. It helps data scientists take a deep dive into the system data and understand important aspects such as the manner in which users work within the system.

It also offers users a design and simulation component for using pre-existing data to build and run business simulations to ascertain the best results. The solution provides businesses with several other tools and features to obtain valuable insights and make smart business decisions across the board.

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