What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud Release 2023.11

In the modern era of data-driven decision-making, businesses encounter the daunting task of effectively handling and interpreting massive volumes of information.

In response, organizations across diverse sectors tirelessly explore avenues to tap into the potential of data, aiming to extract valuable insights, drive informed choices, and foster progress.

Enter SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a robust solution that stands as a game-changer, empowering enterprises to convert their data into actionable intelligence with remarkable ease and effectiveness.

SAP Analytics Cloud combines analytics and planning in a distinctive way by integrating seamlessly with SAP applications and providing effortless access to various data sources.

It enables individuals across your organization to make decisions confidently by offering reliable insights and integrated plans.

This blog presents an overview of the functionalities included in the SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.11 update, which is now accessible to FastTrack customers of SAP Analytics Cloud.

1)Dashboard and Story Design

●     Enhanced Time Member Disambiguation for Consistent Presentation in Charts

In the enhanced Story Experience, they have made enhancements to the Chart on Time Member Disambiguation in Flat Representation to ensure consistency between the chart and table:

  • Time labels now match between the chart and table when displaying time hierarchies in a flat format.
  • Story designers can now view both the 3-letter month and year in charts.

2)Enterprise Planning

●     Data Actions – Utilizing Filters with “All Member” Parameter in Consumption

With the latest update, input controls and story filters can now be configured with an “All” member selection while still being utilized by data and multi-action triggers, even if one or more members are deselected. This means that when a new member is added to the relevant dimension, there is no need to modify the input control or story filter. The new member becomes instantly accessible and can be utilized by triggers. (Source: SAP Road Map Explorer)

This functionality is specifically available in the Optimized Story Experience.

3) Enhanced Formatting Choices for Planning Triggers

Within the Optimized Story Experience, users now have the ability to format and personalize planning triggers when configuring multi actions, data actions, or BPC planning sequences in stories.

The new formatting options allow users to select the color of the trigger button and icon, upload a custom icon, and customize the font, size, style, and color of the trigger text.

By customizing individual trigger buttons, users can achieve greater flexibility and create a cohesive visual appearance that aligns with their preferred theme and design.

4) Filter Individual Calendar Events

To focus on specific calendar events or series, users can now filter the calendar or list workspace to show the required events only.

If a process is selected as a filter, its child events will be displayed as well. Specific events can also be narrowed down through the built-in search functionality.

5) Integration with Microsoft Office

●     Enhanced Functionality for Data Action Parameters in Microsoft Excel

Introducing new custom formulas that allow users to easily set data action parameters within Microsoft Excel worksheets.

These custom formulas enable the definition and execution of data action parameters, providing a seamless workflow.

Furthermore, users can now retrieve data action parameters that have been defined on a model directly from within Microsoft Excel. It is also possible to select a specific data action parameter definition and initiate its execution, all from the convenience of a Microsoft Excel workbook.

●     Data Refresh Option for Microsoft Excel Workbooks

Introducing a new workbook setting that provides users with the flexibility to choose between automatic or manual data refresh upon opening a Microsoft Excel workbook. This setting allows users to define their preferred behaviour, whether they want the data to refresh automatically upon opening or prefer to manually initiate the data refresh process. This enhances the control and convenience of data refresh operations within Microsoft Excel workbooks.

6)Business Content Delivery

●     Enhanced Packages for Various Industries and Lines of Business

Streamline the implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud with the inclusion of new, prebuilt data models and stories through business content packages. These packages significantly reduce the time and effort required to deploy SAP Analytics Cloud.

The updated packages for Q2 2023 encompass a range of industries and lines of business, including:

  • Sales target planning specifically designed for the consumer products sector
  • Group financial planning tailored for SAP S/4HANA
  • Workforce planning focused on human experience management (HXM)
  • Integrated financial planning for SAP S/4HANA
  • KPI reporting for public sector management in SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Planning capabilities for public sector management
  • Rapid financial planning and analysis utilizing SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA
  • Rapid sales planning and analysis leveraging SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA
  • Rapid workforce planning and analysis supported by SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA

These updated packages offer comprehensive solutions and analysis capabilities tailored to specific industries and lines of business.

The Bottom Line

It can be deduced that SAP Datasphere represents a captivating innovation that holds immense potential in assisting businesses in deciphering their data.

With its capacity to integrate, structure, analyze, and virtualize data from diverse origins, SAP Datasphere confidently declares its ability to revolutionize the playing field.