What’s new in SAP HANA Cloud?

The first half of 2022 is almost through, and the second quarter follows. SAP HANA Cloud has received yet another round of interesting developments. I want to give you a rundown of the key points of this release in this blog post.

Key Highlights on what’s new in SAP HANA Cloud are:

  • Improvements to the SAP HANA database and cloud, including real-time performance analysis
  • New capabilities in the SAP HANA Cloud, data lake, and near-zero downtime upgrades
  • Self-service SAP HANA service migration for SAP BTP instances running in the Neo environment to SAP HANA Cloud
  • The SAP HANA database explorer now has additional features.

Let’s detail every new update/innovation in SAP HANA Cloud.

Close to Zero Downtime Upgrades

The SAP HANA Cloud knowledge lake underwent nearly zero downtime upgrades during the QRC2 2022 launch to reduce the downtime needed for service maintenance and provide the highest level of service availability if your SAP HANA Cloud knowledge lake has to be improved on the occasion of a relational engine.

Both SAP HANA Cloud and the SAP HANA database have improvements.

New textual content index and search functionality, self-service migration from SAP HANA Service on Neo to SAP HANA Cloud, and performance assessment of lengthy working SQL statements can now be executed in real-time, and snapshots of calculation views help reduce the number of resources that queries consume while being executed, speeding up the searches.

Long Running SQL Statement Efficiency Evaluation in Real – Time

Customers may now examine the effectiveness of lengthy SQL statements in real-time and obtain speedy execution details at a logical plan stage, thanks to the most recent release of SAP HANA Cloud. The graphic below shows activities in the planning stage, where blue operators have finished their tasks, and orange operators are still at work.

This new feature enables efficiency improvements by making it simpler to identify bottlenecks and, consequently, resolve issues. Since the evaluation may now be done for statements already functioning after the character is active, root-cause analysis can be completed more quickly without reproducing the issue.

SAP HANA Cloud Now Offers A New Text Content Index and Text Content Search Option

The multi-model processing capabilities of the database have once more been improved with the most recent launch of SAP HANA Cloud.

Customers can now build fuzzy search indexes for NVARCHAR columns and utilize actual and fuzzy search queries in the “Textual content” search mode.

These new capabilities enable search analysts and developers using SAP HANA Cloud to accelerate search results by exploiting textual content indexes. They gain from increased search query results on textual content knowledge as well.

Snapshots from the Calculation View Query

Customers can capture SQL queries that are described in calculation views. The answers to a snapshot question are shown on a snapshot desk. Thus, information in the snapshot desk only reflects the answer to the inquiry as of a specific cut-off date. Then, these snapshots can be handled using newly created procedures.

Utilizing the snapshots speeds up the corresponding queries by decreasing the source used during inquiry execution.

Wizard Based Import & Export of JSON Collections to Cloud Storage Suppliers

You will be able to import and export knowledge wizards using the SAP HANA database explorer, starting with the QRC2 2022 release of SAP HANA Cloud. From there, you may now import and export JSON documents using storage from several cloud storage providers. Transferring knowledge into or out of SAP HANA Cloud is made simpler by using the wizards.

Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and Alibaba Cloud OSS have supported cloud storage providers.

The SAP HANA Database Explorer has been Improved

Inherent to SAP HANA Cloud is the SAP HANA database explorer.

Along with these improvements, SAP HANA Cloud will debut in Q2 2022 with the following new features: Customers may now import and export JSON collections via wizards to cloud storage providers, import and export database credentials, consider spatial information on maps, and use the database explorer plugin for Visible Studio.

SAP HANA Migration Self – Service from SAP BTP Neo to SAP HANA Cloud and from Cloud Foundry (on AliCloud) to SAP HANA Cloud on AliCloud

Profit from the enhanced cloud capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud by switching from SAP HANA on-premises to SAP HANA Cloud. With the launch of QRC2 in 2022, we feel confident offering two more migration self-services: You can now move your Neo-based SAP HANA service to SAP HANA Cloud. It’s important to note that the service doesn’t look after XS Basic (XSC) objects; it only helps with the information migration.

You can also migrate your Cloud Foundry-based SAP HANA Service instances to the Alibaba Cloud-based SAP HANA environment.

If you take the simple, step-by-step migration course, you can focus your time and money on more desirable tasks on your to-do list. It also offers enhanced efficacy thanks to its connection with the current migration service software.

hdbsql Command – Line Utility Assists in Executing Ready Statements

Hdbsql now offers an interactive interface in interactive mode to offer specific settings with the QRC2 introduction of SAP HANA Cloud.

This feature can be turned off while starting hdbsql with -r or using hdbsql itself by using ps.

It lets users quickly verify the same behavior that may occur with specific variables from another interface (DBSL).

Plugin for SAP HANA Database Explorer to Help with SQL Information

The Visible Studio Code SAP HANA database explorer plugin has just been introduced. With the SAP HANA Cloud Q2 2022 cargo, we added a fresh performance: Now that content can be opened from information and saved to information using the SQL console.

  • The SQL console supports parameterized statement execution. An icon in the menu bar can be used to set the current connection’s auto-commit state.
  • When an announcement with parameters is found, a new tab enables the user to enter the parameter values and then run the parameterized assertion.

Additionally, the identify and complete (schema + object identify) database objects may be copied to the clipboard using the context menu of the database objects in the catalog browser.

For database objects, a CREATE assertion could be produced.

Add logging/tracing Inside The Node.js.driver.

Additionally, the Node.js driver for the SAP HANA Cloud and SAP HANA database now supports a new API tracing option that allows users to hint at calls made by the Node.js driver.

The hint may be activated via a connection property, an offered callback, a configuration variable, or the hdbsqldbc cons command-line program. It may also be written to a file, stdout/stderr, or a callback.

SAP HANA Cloud Users and Users of Knowledge Lake Will Now Have Access to Diagnostic File Assistance in the Database Explorer

Customers can now search, filter, see, or receive the server logs and query plans of the knowledge lake relational engine known as the SAP HANA Cloud. When scrolling with the contents, the hint information may be considered while dynamically loading.

Customers are thus given an alternative manner of seeing diagnostic data and entering information such as server startup data, problem messages, and standing messages.

Knowing the Spatial On Map

Options for visualizing data have been improved once with the QRC2 release of SAP HANA Cloud. The SQL console results viewer lets users see a lengthy well-known binary value. Based primarily on the spatial reference identifier, a map or an empty canvas may be displayed (SRID).

Viewing spatial information on a map becomes easier as a result.

Thanks to the most recent update, customers can now use the built-in viewer to view HTML, JSON, XML, Binary, and spatial data.

Enhancements for SAP HANA Customers

The SAP HANA database shoppers are a crucial component of our database since they allow us to attach purposes to SAP HANA databases.

Two significant improvements to the SAP HANA customers were made during the Q2 release of SAP HANA Cloud: logging and tracing were introduced to the Node.js driver, and the hdbsql command-line tool supports the execution of prepared statements.

Did this blog pique your interest in the full breadth of the SAP HANA Cloud launch in Q2 2022? Feel free to get in touch if you want more information about the most recent SAP HANA Cloud features and upgrades.

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